Havaianas Flip flops for Women and Men

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Havaianas la marque Brésilienne de Tongs, Sandales et Espadrilles

Havaianas, the essential brand for summer. Today the Brazilian brand of flip-flops is world famous, recognizable by everyone with the Brazilian flag. It is truly the brand that represents Brazil. It is the essential beachwear accessory for your summer. If you are going to the beach during your holidays, or just chilling at home, Havaians flip-flops for women and men are made for you.

Tongs Havaianas Femme

The Havaianas flip-flops, sandals and espadrilles for women are a real hit this season. The reason for this is simple: the Brazilian brand Havaianas offers a very wide range of products in many different colours. The biggest success of Havaianas for women is the slim flip-flop, more discreet, thinner, and especially more adapted to the female silhouette and feet.

It was in 2006 that this new model dedicated to women was born. The Havaianas "Slim" flip-flop was an instant success. Women all over the world immediately fell in love with its slim, delicate strap and timeless style.

The Havaianas women's slim flip-flop is available in classic colours such as white, black and silver-grey, but also in a more fashionable version with a glitter or sparkle look.

The glitter effect is timeless, and that's what women are looking for today. With the Slim Fit Glitter flip-flops in pink gold or ice grey, you can be sure not to go wrong this summer.

Tongs Havaianas Men

If there's one quality men look for in a shoe, it's comfort. And that's precisely what Havaianas' men's models are all about, combining comfort and style. While the brand is known for its men's flip-flops, Havainas has also developed men's espadrilles in a variety of colours for wearing to the office or with a casual look. Whether it's flip-flops or espadrilles for men, find Havaianas according to your style, your personality and your size, for a perfect look in all circumstances, and especially in the colours of the Brazilian summer.

Havainas an iconic brand recognisable throughout the world

The origins Havaianas means Hawaiian in Portuguese. The first pair of Havaianas was created in 1962, inspired by the Zori, a traditional Japanese sandal with a rice straw sole. A multitude of rice grains decorate each Havaianas sole, one of the many details that make them unique.

In 2020, the Havainas brand unveiled the Tradi Zori sandals. Long ago, Havainas created an iconic design inspired by the traditional Japanese sandal, and now, almost sixty years later, the Brazilian brand is returning to its roots. Because there is nothing more innovative than tradition! Havainas reinvents the future and brings it to the street! When tradition inspires a new future!

Did you know that? Originally, Havaianas were only available in blue and white. However, in 1969, a manufacturing error led to the production of a batch of green flip-flops. Bad luck? Not at all! The new model was a hit, opening up the possibility of new colours such as brown, yellow and black.

In 1995, Havaianas launched new styles with coveted prints. Havaianas Floral, featuring hibiscus flowers, was born - the first of many Havaianas prints. This was followed by collections such as Fit and Baby.

To celebrate the 1998 World Cup, Havaianas launched a flip-flop with a small Brazilian flag on the strap, which soon became a coveted item around the world. This collection gave birth to one of Havaianas' best-selling styles: the "Brasil" collection.

The premium benefits of Havaianas flip-flops?

It's simple, Havaianas is the only brand of flip-flops to offer a model that doesn't warp, doesn't smell (no bad odour) and above all the straps don't come off. And that's a real guarantee of quality!

Havaianas Clothing

Have you been dreaming of a head-to-toe Havaianas collection? Now it's possible with our new clothing collection! While you're waiting for the sun to shine, you can already start preparing your wardrobe for this summer.

Whether you're a fan of the beach or a fan of sunbathing on your terrace, we have the right pair of Havaianas flip-flops for you.

Find a wide range of Havaianas sizes and models, and always the best price guaranteed!