Discover the entire collection of Eastpak backpacks, panniers and travel bags. The slogan Built to Resist fits Eastpak perfectly. The brand is known for the durability of their bags. Eastpak's flagship models are : Padded, Pak'R, Tranverz! Enjoy a wide choice of models, colours and always the best price guaranteed!
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Eastpak, the ultimate luggage brand!

Are you looking for a backpack, a pannier, or a durable travel bag? You've come to the right place. On Sneakin.co.uk you will find many models at very competitive prices. This is the ultimate brand of luggage and almost indestructible. Created in 1952, Eastpak has equipped the American army thanks to the resistance of their bags.

The Eastpak Padded Pak'r backpack, a model adored by students
Indeed, the brand is known for the solidity of their products. An Eastpak backpack can last you for decades! Like its flagship model, the Padded Pak'r. 40 cm - 24 litres - 0.35 kg ~ The famous Eastpak backpack! Ideal for middle school or high school. Why is this model so popular with young people? Simply because it has a front pocket and a compartment for A4 documents and 24x32cm. The Padded backpack is very strong, practical and ultra-light. It also has shoulder straps and back reinforcements. A sure value to accompany you in your daily life.

Today, the brand is very diversified and also offers very practical panniers and travel bags with many compartments to store all your personal belongings.

Discover the wide range of travel bags and soft suitcases with wheels, in different sizes, available with 2 or 4 wheels, like the Authentic Travel collection.

How to choose the model of your Eastpak backpack?

The advantage of the Eastpak luggage brand is the wide range of backpack and travel bag models offered.

With Eastpak, you are bound to find the right backpack for your purpose, but also for your personality and style.

Here are some tips listed in this handy guide to help you choose your future Eastpak bag.

If you're looking for a classic bag that's practical and doesn't take up much space, consider the following models: Padded Pak'R, Padded Zippl'R, Wyoming, Out of Office. Not forgetting the Eastpak Pinnacle backpack with 2 compartments.

These flagship models of the Eastpak brand are available in different fabrics, materials, and of course colours. Choose a backpack with a bold design for everyday urban use. Choose a black, khaki or navy blue bag if you are more classic.

Looking for a small backpack?

Sometimes less is more. When you just need the essentials (and an extra tablet or book), a mini backpack is ideal. Get a Casyl or the very casual Orbit Sleek'r. They may be smaller, but they're still super useful.

Choose a backpack with an urban, contemporary style for work.

The Floyd backpack is ideal for carrying your laptop. It's both compact and has a neat design. There are several models to choose from: the classic Floid, the ExtraFloid and the TopFloid. Carry your work clothes, accessories and documents in A4 format. It is made of polyamide and combines strength and lightness. The best for the office! Don't look elsewhere, on Sneakin.fr you will find the latest Eastpak Floid backpacks at the best prices!

In the same game of urban and stylish backpacks, you will find the Volker, Evanz and Hutson models.

If we had to sum up the Eastpak backpack range, we can say that they answer to all uses (students, urban workers, hikers...) and are singularly functional and practical!