New collections of trendy Caps and hats

To complete your outfit, get the right cap for your needs. We offer a wide selection of New Era, Mitchell & Ness, and many other trendy brands. Check out the latest collections.

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A cap for every look!

Feeling more glamorous? Urban? Sporty? Relaxed? Whatever your style of the day, wear it from head to toe and wear the cap that goes with it! In addition to completing your outfit, a cap will provide effective protection against the sun. The specificity of the cap is the tab that allows to protect the eyes. It is ideal for all ages, all activities and all styles. For sportswomen, the classic cap is available in many models. New Era caps, for example, come in many shapes and colors and are adjustable in the back to fit all heads. Other hats are suitable for all your outings in the city.

With hats and accessories

We recommend matching them with a shirt or a mismatched vest. With the structured shapes of sailor caps, prefer mottled or worn sweatshirts and monochrome overshirts. Another must-have: the beanie! Rather casual, we wear it with logo t-shirts and classic jeans. We particularly appreciate black headwear for its versatility. Summer or winter, we'll wear them with a printed polo shirt or a high neck sweater. For the truly urban, we reserve the hats that fall to the back of the head for a pairing with a graphic tee. Wearing a hat! There is no real cut in the hat collections. It's all in the art of pairing it. A hat can give a classy edge to long or short hair if it lets a few strands of hair flow forward. A colored hat will enhance a bland, dark outfit. Be careful to match the colors between hat, scarf and coat. For outdoor activities or winter walks, it is wiser to opt for a wool hat. It is a timeless accessory ideal to offer to a loved one for Christmas or another occasion.