adidas Adilette flip-flops

A unique selection of adidas adilette flip flops available on Sneakin. The adidas "adilette" flip flop is the must-have accessory for this summer, including the new adidas adilette cloudfoam flip flop model. Flip-flops, flip-flops, sandals, you name it. Its ultra-soft footbed offers exceptional cushioning. Check out the adidas Adilette flip-flop collection, the must-have accessory from adidas Originals. Wide range of sizes and styles, and the best price guaranteed!

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Look good every day with our choice of Adidas flip-flops at unbeatable prices! Unisex, women's and children' s styles are available for those relaxing moments off the court or in the locker room.

adidas Adilette Originals Flip Flops

Originally used by major sports teams in the locker room, flip-flops have become a must-have fashion accessory for sports fans over the years. Adidas is one of the pioneers in this field. We've put together a selection of the best Adidas sandals, available in men's, women's and junior models.

Introduced in 1972, the adilette has become the most popular adidas sandal of all time. Designed for leisure and relaxation, the women's version of the adidas Originals adilette is a lightweight model with a comfortable bandage and an ergonomic footbed for lasting comfort.

adidas Originals flip-flops and sandals collection

Originally used in the locker room by the German soccer team in the 70's, this model has become a fashionable accessory today.

Recover after your swim session with this shower-friendly flip-flop. It features a simple and comfortable design with 3 adidas stripes or the shamrock logo for a signature touch.

Give yourself a total vacation look. This Adilette Lite flip flop can be worn barefoot (or with socks, we won't judge you). Its comfort is ultimate. You need these adidas flip-flops to unwind after a long day at the beach or pool, and always in adidas style.

Travel back in time by indulging in one of our Adilette pairs!

Still sporting a vintage look, theAdilette remains the most popular Adidas flip-flop on the market. Inspired by the very first models, they have a soft and functional fabric lining, providing a fresh feeling at all times. The soft foam footbed molds to your feet for maximum comfort.

An Adilette aqua for wet areas and activities

Suitable for both men and women, they are designed with water-resistant materials so you can wear them after swimming or showering. The anti-slip foam guarantees enormous stability to prevent you from falling when in contact with moisture.

Wear stylish sandals every day!

Are you an avid sportsman who wants to emphasize your passion wherever you go? You're in luck. These casually designed pairs of flip-flops are available to you at competitive prices. True to their sporty look, inspired by the original Adilette lite,they have a more lifestyle feel. Featuring a silky, breathable fabric lined strap and soft footbed, they allow your feet to recharge after long efforts and ensure maximum comfort in warm weather. They are perfectly shaped to fit your feet and have outsoles that grip the ground for excellent stability. Apart from being comfortable, these sandals have a clean look, with the Badge of Sport logo on the surface.

Sandals for the little ones

We also made sure to select a few models that your kids might like.

  • Girls' flip-flops

Adorned with floral motifs, they are sure to please little sports and sporty look lovers. Inspired by the adult Adilette lite models, these stylish sandals offer a touch of athleticism and cuteness. Soft, supple materials round out the look and feel for maximum comfort at all times. Moisture resistant, they're great for recreational play, walks on the beach or getting out of the shower.

  • For boys too

With a design similar to the adult models, these junior flip-flops are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Other styles for younger boys are also available. With adjustable straps, these pairs are perfect for their first steps in swimming. Because of their carefree nature, these little ones need sandals that are secure and won't come off in any situation. Their outsoles are made with soft, grippy foam to prevent them from falling off in the wet.

Flip-flops with a sporty look

  • For men

In the summer sun, no matter where you are, you can wear these comfortable pairs of Adidas flip-flops in style! Incorporating a lightweight, flexible and functional strap, they allow free air circulation to keep you feeling cool throughout all your activities. Their tough, durable EVA foam outsoles provide excellent traction for stability. Designed with premium materials, they resist moisture, abrasion and wear for maximum durability. This makes them perfect for the pool, beach, shower and locker room. Featuring the Adidas logo on the footbed and three stripes on the strap, they complete your look for 100% sporty style.

  • For Women

With a feminine fit, these models are sure to please ladies and girls with a sporty style. Made with fast-drying materials, they keep feet cool and dry at all times and resist all kinds of humidity. Their well-groomed look makes these women's flip-flops a perfect match for all kinds of clothing styles, whether sporty or casual.