Karl Kani Clothing for Men: T-Shirt

Discover the Karl Kani streetwear and hip-hop clothing collection. The American urban brand worn by the US rap legend: Tupac. Large choice of sizes and models ✓ Fast delivery and best price guaranteed!
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Karl Kani: the streetwear and hip-hop brand is back in force

The Karl Kani brand is an iconic brand in the US, especially in the 90's with the emergence of the large clothes worn in the American hip-hop universe, and also in the NBA. The Karl Kani brand is also a strong presence in the streetwear culture. One of the pioneer brands producing super baggy jeans and sweatshirts. A trend that quickly spread to the fashion world. The rise of the Karl Kani brand in the streetwear scene was also helped by American rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, and also hip-hop stars like 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. who wore the brand in their video clips.

Today, the brand is back on the streewear scene with its unmistakable style. The brand's signature pieces are the Karl Kani chubby velour tracksuit and the Karl Kani men's striped Tall-tee. This iconic basic has a round neckline with elasticated ribbed trim. The Karl Kani logo is prominently displayed at the chest with a curved logo seam at the front. Overall, the thick cotton is slightly loose-fitting to ensure a comfortable fit and a loose fit. Each piece vibrates with the passion of hip-hop and the urban world.

Did you know? To combat imitation, Karl decided to attach a metal and leather plaque to the garments, which reads: "Inspired by the vitality of the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Karl Kani, the young African-American designer of Karl Kani Jeans, encourages you to pursue your dreams and accomplish your goals. Wear the clothes that represent the knowledge of African-American creativity and determination. Recognize the signature that symbolizes African American pride and unity. Karl Kani. ". Current rap stars such as LL Cool J and Jay Z continue to support the Karl Kani label and still wear the 100% American hip-hop brand's streetwear.

This season, the trend is again marked by a return to the codes of the 1990s. Karl Kani's loose-fitting cuts and colourful striped T-shirts are very popular with urban and streetwear fans!