Wrung the leader on the French streetwear market

Wrung is one of the leading brands in French streetwear. With its collection of urban and lifetyle clothes, Wrung makes the happiness of the passionate persons of graffiti, urban culture and hip-hop trend of the years 2000.

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WRUNG DIVISION: from Paris walls to textiles

The Wrung streetwear brand started from nothing, in the studio of one of the founders, from a simple 'twisted' idea between friends. The brand has kept its authenticity, to become in the mid 2000's the most important independent label of the French streetwear. At the time, Wrung offered men's, women's and children's collections, as well as accessories, and was distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Wrung - a hip-hop brand with a strong following in urban culture
The connection between Wrung and the world of music and urban culture has always been a natural one, giving the brand an authentic and independent image. Since the beginning, Wrung has operated in a spirit of solidarity entrepreneurship.
Pascal "Creez", one of the founders of Wrung, was the tour manager of Arsenal Records, one of the first independent rap labels in France. The legendary duo Lunatic (Booba and Ali) were even seen wearing the Wrung brand in their video clip.

Wrung an emblematic slogan: "Make Art Not War

Those close to the Wrung brand have a common passion for Graffiti, and Parisian urban culture. Very quickly, the French brand found legitimacy within the graffiti and street artist community.

The brand has collaborated with many graffiti artists, painters, photographers, tattoo artists, illustrators and graphic designers throughout its existence, with actions such as the charity exhibition "Make Art Not War" which brought together 100 French and international artists.

Wrung, the streetwear brand par excellence
As a pioneer brand of streetwear in France, Wrung has lived, seen and contributed to all the trends of this culture, from sportswear to baggy fashions, from sobriety to colourful all-over prints, from leopard patterns to "Tie & Dye", from embroidered teddies to technical jackets, from raw cardboard jeans to joggers. Wrung was one of the first brands to specialise in teddies, one of the first labels to reintroduce bobsleds, or to redesign baseball jerseys.

Most of the models sold by Wrung today are often classics of the brand, already released in the 90's and adapted to the current taste.