Lyle & Scott Clothing for Men

Lyle & Scott is a Scottish brand that has built a solid reputation for high quality clothing over the past 140 years. The brand offers a wide range of shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts as well as jackets.

The latest pieces in the Lyle & Scott collection are designed to be worn every day in a totally chic and casual look. The clothes are very well cut and follow the current trend perfectly.

Discover the Lyle & Scott collection, the brand with the "Golden Eagle" on sale on and in our shop in Paris in the historic district of urban fashion: Châtelet - Les Halles.

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Lyle & Scott a Scottish brand that has been around for 140 years

Founded by William Lyle and Walter Scott in 1874 in the Scottish Borders region. Some of the brand's garments are still made in the original factory in Hawick. It is a brand with a real authenticity, heritage and expertise that is recognised around the world, from early collaborations with Christian Dior to dressing some of the world's greatest golfers.

The brand originally supplied professional golfers with jumpers and cardigans made from local wool. The sport is ingrained in the brand's DNA, as the Lyle & Scott logo is represented by a golden eagle, "Golden Eagle". And in golf, an "eagle" means a shot made within 2 points of par.

Lyle & Scott the brand from the casual culture

Since the 2000s, the brand's identity has changed, becoming more sportswear chic. The brand has been very successful in the UK, it is a real fashion phenomenon in the UK, popularised by indie-pop artists like Arctic Monkeys.
Today, casual culture is still very much a part of football and fashion. The Lyle and Scott brand is particularly popular with football fans, the 'Ultras', who wear the heritage and vintage range that draws on its sporting heritage.

Lyle and Scott polo shirts are as popular as t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans. As mentioned, some jumpers are still made in Scotland. They are of very good quality and available in many colours.

What casuals around the world have in common is their continued dedication to brands from the 70s and 80s, such as Stone Island, Gabicci, Lacoste, adidas Orginals...

Did you know that? Lyle & Scott is also a brand that supplies clothing to the Royal Family of England. This gives the brand the right to use the logo of official supplier to the Royal family. This is in stark contrast to the more streetwise world of many football fans, who have adopted the casual look as a kind of uniform.

On the other hand, the brand sponsors some contemporary artists (mainly musicians).