Jott Down Jacket new collection for Men and Women

Enjoy a wide range of clothing: Jott jackets, windbreakers and down jackets for the whole family at unbeatable prices on our online shop. The best of the Jott men's jacket, Jott women's jacket, jacket with or without hood...

Find the best-sellers of this season. The sleeveless down jacket is the best mid-season piece. Discover the new Just Over The Top collection of clothing and down jackets. Large selection of sizes and models ✓ Fast delivery and best price guaranteed!

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JOTT clothes and accessories to be Just Over The Top!

Created in 2010 by two Marseilles-based designers, Mathieu and Nicolas GOURDIKIAN, JOTT (Just Over The Top) is an urban and trendy brand that reinvents the way of dressing by focusing on comfort and style. JOTT specialises in ultra-light and thin down jackets that can be worn in all circumstances and all seasons.

Practical and smart, JOTT jackets can be rolled up and put away in a flash in their small storage bag. They can be taken and slipped in anywhere so that you are always ready: in the boot of your scooter, in the glove compartment or in your suitcase to go to the end of the world. With the success of the brand, the collections are expanding to include all kinds of jackets and a beachwear collection ranging from polo shirts to swimming costumes.

JOTT the essential down jacket for men, women and children!

Do you need to fill out your wardrobe with fashionable clothes that are at the cutting edge of the trend? Whether you want to create a sportswear look or a chic style, a wide range of luxury clothing is available to complete your outfit in an original and stylish way.

Discover all the top-of-the-range models of down jackets designed by the brand made in France Jott. The Just Over The Top down jackets are characterised by their ultra-light design which makes them very comfortable to wear in all circumstances and in all seasons. We appreciate the quilted jacket for women, both overzip to cover the lower back, padded in goose feather. A warm and breathable model, perfect for mid-season or cold winters.

Thin down jacket, hooded down jacket, light insulation down jacket, cold weather down jacket, reversible jacket, sleeveless jacket... Our team offers you a wide range of trendy clothes in different versions so that you can find the pieces that meet your needs and match your clothing style. Discover the new collection of Jott down jackets in trendy plain colours: black, beige, navy blue, khaki, and camouflage colours, which are very popular throughout the year. Take advantage of a wide range of sizes available on all our Jott men's down jackets, Jott women's down jackets and Jott children's down jackets. Fast delivery and best price guaranteed!

With or without hood, with or without sleeves, short at the waist or long to the knees, cold weather or ultralight, bombers or windbreakers, JOTT jackets will accompany you all year round. With a beachwear range for men, women and children, the brand is on all fronts and offers colourful and nomadic products for all seasons! The urbanisation of technical products is the credo of the brand, which offers innovative, easy-to-wear products.

Jott for "Just Over The Top" is a French ready-to-wear brand created in Marseille by the two cousins Nicolas and Mathieu Gourdikian in 2010. Specialising in urban style clothing, the brand sold over 700,000 down jackets in France alone during 2016. If their products are very popular around the world, it is above all for their comfortable and stylish design.

The models are light, have a casual and dressy look at the same time. The sleeveless waistcoat model works very well. You will be surprised by the comfort of the Jott down jackets which benefit from a high quality padding: 90% down and 10% feather making it very warm while remaining light, 215 grams on average. Ultra practical, JOTT jackets protect from the cold with their insulating material (softshell).

You will appreciate its comfort thanks to its silky nylon fabric which is also water-repellent, meaning that water will slide off instead of being absorbed. The sleeveless jackets and down jackets can be easily stored in their integrated storage pocket. Very practical to take with you everywhere, especially on holiday. Translated with (free version)

The best-selling models of the down jacket brand JOTT

Men's Jott Mat Basic Jacket

Among the leading pieces of the Marseille-based brand, you will find the Jott Mat Basic model for men. Made of a light material, this thin down jacket with long sleeves will protect you against the winter cold (thanks to its feather and down filling) and the bad weather. The discreet side zip pockets at the front offer a practical space for your belongings. The zipper allows for quick ventilation when needed.

Women's down jacket Jott Cha Basic

Combining finesse and lightness, the Jott Cha Basic women's down jacket will seduce you with its close-fitting cut that will enhance your body shape. Thanks to its feather and down padding, this model is very comfortable to wear and will protect you effectively against the cold and wind. Its 100% polyamide fabric is water-repellent to ensure maximum comfort in case of light rain with its water-repellent material: lets water slide off without absorbing it.

Jott Carla comfy jacket

The star of children's down jackets is back this season! Featuring a slim fit, the Jott Carla Girls' Down Jacket is designed to provide an effective barrier against winter temperatures. The long sleeves and hood retain warmth for optimal coverage in cooler weather. Soft and comfortable, the Jott Carla adds a stylish touch to your teen's outfit with its attractive design. With its hood and long sleeves, always soft and comfortable, in a slim fit for girls, the CARLA down jacket is stuffed with feather and down. Available in several trendy colours!

Jott Tom Sleeveless Jacket

Comfortable and ultra-practical, the Jott Tom Sleeveless Down Jacket will accompany you in style on your daily adventures all year round. Made from a lightweight nylon material, this must-have model is easy to wear over a jumper or t-shirt for your cool weather outings. Enjoy optimal mobility under the arms while sporting a look that's tailored to your style: sportswear, urban, casual chic...

Jott Nico Hooded Jacket

Designed to offer soft comfort, the Jott Nico Hooded Down Jacket is a perfect choice if you're looking for protection and style. The hood is designed to cover the entire head for extra warmth when the temperature starts to drop. You'll appreciate the practicality of this trendy looking down jacket with invisible pockets and high quality padding.

Jott Cloe light jacket

The Jott Cloe down jacket's design combines lightness and modernity to ensure maximum comfort. With its slim fit, this women's jacket will keep you warm while adding style to your outfit. Its smooth coating made of water-repellent fabric keeps you dry while letting the water slide off. Available in a range of cool colours, it will add a little pizzazz to your outfit.

Jott Hugo Boy's Down Jacket

With its hood and long sleeves, always soft and comfortable, straight cut, the Hugo down jacket is stuffed with feather and down. Available in many colours. A must-have from the brand that can be purchased all year round and in all seasons.

Known for its down jackets, JOTT is getting into the summer spirit with a new Beach collection!

Original polo shirts, colourful swimming costumes with playful designs, bathing suits, foutas & beach towels in multiple colours, caps, glasses, bags... Everything is thought of to spend a JUST OVER THE TOP summer.