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Discover the new collection of jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and coats of the brand Replay. The urban and lifestyle brand of denim clothing, a must for many years!

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Replay: casual, comfortable and fashionable style

This brand was born in 1981 in Italy and today it remains one of the reference brands in the fashion field thanks to its casual and urban style, offering clothes and accessories.

The company belongs to the Fashion Box group, and the clothes are made in Italy, its country of origin. It is a brand that is committed to offering comfortable and functional fashion while remaining original.

One of the company's signature garments is the jean. Claudio Buziol, its creator, discovered a process in Japan to improve the typical jeans fabric. The aim is to make it thinner and more comfortable, but at the same time strong and flexible.

The guarantee of a high quality clothing brand - Replay

To ensure that their customers are comfortable in their clothes, the company is committed to the quality of its materials. Some of the most commonly used fabrics include 100% cotton, ribbed, denim, leather, wool, corduroy, linen and knit.

In addition, Replay has decided to focus on all sizes. That's why the collection also offers sizes ranging from very small to very large. No one, regardless of body type, is left off the brand's radar.

In the Replay catalogue you will find trousers, both sporty and more elegant for going out with friends. There are also T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, shirts and hats. The brand offers sandals, shoes and boots to combine with its fashionable lifestyle clothing.

Combine your trendy Replay clothes in the best way

Without leaving Replay, you can achieve a complete look for the different moments of your day and your everyday life. A pair of Replay jeans with one of their slim-fitting short-sleeved T-shirts and a pair of trainers is the perfect outfit for going out to dinner, a party or any other social gathering.

You can also opt for one of their stylish trousers in a sober colour, such as light or dark grey, and pair it with a t-shirt and jacket for the office. If your work requires physical exertion, the brand offers comfortable and casual sportswear of high quality to carry out your sporting activities. For example, you can combine a pair of Replay sports jogging trousers with one of its sweatshirts.

All of the brand's outfits can be complemented with accessories. Replay offers caps, winter hats and gloves.