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Men's top jeans are on sale on Sneakin. The trendiest brands such as Edwin, Wrangler, Lee Jeans, Jack & Jones, Dickies and Urban Classics are on sale all year round.

For a decidedly street, casual and urban look. Explore the latest trends in men's jeans. Our wide range of men's clothing is designed by the biggest brands in men's fashion and is offered at the best prices.

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The big names in men's clothing design, such as Jack & Jones, Lee, Wrangler, Edwin and Selected, are at your disposal at sneakin for cheap, trendy jeans.

What are the different cuts of men's jeans?

As a basic part of a man's wardrobe, denim trousers are a must-have when it comes to men's fashion. They are the epitome of casual trousers and come in several cuts:

  • Men's skinny jeans: perfectly fitted, especially at the leg opening, these models are very common in the rock scene. They are made from soft-touch, stretchy denim and provide comfort and freedom of movement all day long.
  • Men's slim jeans: with a moderate fit, these trendy men's jeans with a clean aesthetic enhance your figure for a look of rare elegance.
  • Regular men's jeans: very masculine, this more or less straight cut brings out a streamlined silhouette and allows natural movement thanks to a look that is neither too tight nor too wide. They generally fit most men's tops and shoes.
  • Classic men's jeans: faithful to the first models of jeans, they have the advantage of being very comfortable to wear in terms of seating and seamless mobility. They are very popular because of their versatility.
  • Men's relaxed jeans: as the name suggests, this cut offers relaxed comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Men's bootcut jeans: according to its name, this cut is intended for wearing boots inside the trousers. The widened bottom recalls the men's fashion of the nineties, which have been making a comeback in recent seasons.

Which pair of jeans should you choose according to your body type?

If the material and the cut are important parameters to be taken into account for the choice of a jean, the morphology is even more so. You must therefore, in the beginning, know your silhouette to be well dressed. It is important to choose the right jeans for you to enhance your style.

We can distinguish 5 types of profiles in men:

  • The A or triangular morphology: if you have a waist wider than the bust, you can very well wear jeans with a classic and regular cut to not accentuate the hips. The straight cut hides the disproportion between the top and the bottom for an elegant silhouette.
  • H-shaped or rectangular: if your shoulders are proportional to your hip size, you can perfectly enhance your silhouette with sleek models such as slim-fit trousers and regular fit (an intermediate cut between a tight fit and a slightly loose fit)
  • V shape: If your shoulders are wider than your waist, you can opt for regular and bootcut jeans to balance the width of your shoulders with the thickness of your bottom.
  • The O shape: if your stomach and lower torso are wider than your shoulders and hips, you should wear trousers that are straight enough to give you a longer silhouette. It's worth noting that these are suitable for all other shapes.

Where to find the best men's jeans online?

Experts in the field of online clothing sales, sneakin offers you a wide range of men's jeans from the biggest textile brands. If you continue browsing, you will find several ranges with different types of weaves and colours, such as faded men's jeans, raw denim jeans, black jeans and grey jeans, available in several sizes.

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These trousers have different weaves and textures, but are made mostly of cotton, which feels good against the skin and is flexible.

Apart from the fact that these men's jeans are stylish and comfortable, they are also made of quality textiles to ensure excellent strength, ease of care and durability. And to top it all off, sneakin offers a fast processing and delivery service to get your order to you as soon as possible.

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