Street and Casual Urban Classics Clothing for Men and Women

Urban Classics is a brand of streetwear clothing and accessories for men and women.

An incredible selection of t-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, jackets, shorts, jeans and trousers. And also many sweatshirts, hoodies, puls and jogging suits. Not forgetting a wide range of trendy accessories: black glasses, gold necklaces, or full black underwear and fashion swimwear. The sizes available range from XS to XXL and beyond. The brand dresses everyone and suits all body types.

The Urban Classics brand is the best compromise to buy timeless clothes with a street and casual look. Order now and enjoy the best price and fast delivery!

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Urban Classics clothing is very comfortable and at unbeatable prices! The collection is wide with many timeless products with a decidedly streetwear and casual look. The Urban Classics brand has an excellent quality/price ratio on all its basic range, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, crewnecks, jackets, cargo pants, shorts and many accessories.

The brand is very popular with both men and women. The most popular urban classics are the low-priced t-shirts, especially the Mister Tee brand. Women like cheap basics such as dresses, bombers, swimwear, bikinis, crop tops and trendy teddy jackets. Men are particularly fond of bombers, parka, teddy, hoodie, black hoodie, and also cheap jogger pants, cargo trousers and camo shorts. The good thing about Urban Classics is of course the wide range of sizes available, from XS to XXL for men and women.

Urban Classics, the street and casual clothing brand

The brand offers simple and effective cuts, with quality materials. The range of underwear and swimwear for men and women, such as socks, sockettes or boxer shorts, leggings are very comfortable, and benefit from low prices all year round. Ideal to renew your basics easily.

The undeniable advantage of the Urban Classics brand is the huge assortment of different styles that meet everyone's requirements. With a colour palette of up to 30 colours and sizes up to 5XL, Urban Classics offers the widest choice on the market to dress appropriately. It's a great thing to have so many sizes to choose from when it comes to buying your black joggers for winter, or camouflage shorts for summer.

The urban clothing collections reflect seasonal trends and are very popular in the fashion industry. The product catalogue is very comprehensive, and rest assured, the products are always of high quality and sold at very competitive prices. It is one of the best value for money in street and casual clothing.

Urban Classics T-Shirts, a wide range of fashionable and trendy items

Whether it's white or black, if you had to buy just one item of clothing from Urban Classics, it would certainly be the long and loose fitting plain t-shirt. A timeless basic at a low price. The oversized short-sleeved T-shirt should be part of your wardrobe.

It is the flagship product of the Urban Classics brand, men wear it wide and long in oversize mode, and ladies appreciate the XXL shape of Urban Classics T-shirts. If the white and black colours are the most sold, currently the tendency is on funnier colours like tie dye, olive urban colour (khaki).

Opt for a basic Urban Classics t-shirt to complete your outfits easily. There is something for every taste and style! Urban Classics also offers the Ramstein, Mister Teen Bandit & Co, Cayler & Sons, Hands of Gold, Famous, Pusher, AMK, and the urban style collections Wu-Wear, Southpole, Starter.

On this page you will find a large selection of articles for men, but you should also know that the brand is available for women in our dedicated section. And don't forget one thing, you will find on Sneakin, the best guaranteed price of the web. So you can enjoy buying Urban Classics clothes all year round!

Our opinion on Urban Classics

The details and the quality of the clothing offered by the Urban Classics brand, makes it a reference in the world of fashion and streetwear. Urban Classics has become in a few years an essential brand to offer yourself a streetstyle look for cheap.

The low prices offered by Urban Classics make it a very popular brand among the new generation, but also among a wide range of men and women. If you want our opinion, you can buy Urban Classics clothing with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed by the quality of the products.

The main products of the Urban Classics brand and the ones we recommend are the Urban Classics sweatshirt, the Urban Classics t-shirt, and the trendy cargo trousers or pullover. The wide range of sizes available (from XS to XXXL) make it a brand for all body types. The size guide is well informed, and allows you to buy without making mistakes.

Urban Classics is, as its name suggests, a streetwear brand, and accessible to all. The Urban Classics brand offers trendy clothing with a simple and effective design. You will always find the garment you need, such as zip-up clothes, t-shirts, baseball jackets.

The advantage of Urban Classics is the many pieces that are easy to match to create your own style (by the way, this is the brand's slogan). With reasonable prices, high quality and a wide range of products, Urban Classics is a brand for everyone!

Come and discover the entire collection in our shop in Paris. You can also find the entire Urban Classics collection at the best price on the website