Urban Classics Womenswear

Urban Classics is a brand of streetwear and casual clothing and accessories. Urban Classics is very popular among women because the brand offers an excellent quality/price ratio. Order now and get the best price!
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The clothes of the brand Urban Classics are very comfortable and at unbeatable prices! The collection is wide with many timeless products at look decidedly streetwear and casual. The brand Urban Classics benefits from an excellent quality/price ratio on all its basic range, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, crewnecks, jackets, cargo pants, shorts and many accessories.

Urban ClassicsThe brand of street and casual clothing

The brand offers simple and effective cuts, with quality materials. Know that the range of underwear for men and women, such as socks, socks or boxers are very comfortable, and benefit from low prices all year round. Ideal to renew your basics easily.

Opt for a basic t-shirt to complete your outfits easily. There's something for every taste and style! Or go for a mini skirt with a feminine and fitted cut that will enhance your figure.

On this page you will find a wide selection of articles for men, but you should also know that the brand is available for women in our dedicated section.

The entire Urban Classics collection is available now at the best price on Sneakin.fr