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Billybelt simple, pure and colorful clothing for men

"Everything must be beautiful and must remain so through time", this is the quote of the French brand of accessories and clothing BILLYBELT.

BILLYBELT is and will remain timeless. This implies to be detached from time while being anchored in the present. It requires a neutrality able to reflect our creativity. And it engage in a simplicity that pleases a multiplicity of men and women who wish to wear less, better and above all ... what they like.

Timelessness is a broad concept and its scope has once again guided and inspired us for this fall/winter collection, which offers you 14 new creations and 80 variations of various references.

The collection of BILLYBELT is timeless in its style and timeless in its offer. As long as stocks are not sold out, you will always be able to find the products at our retailers or on our website. The segmentation between new and old collections does not exist within BILLYBELT.

The history and values of the clothing and accessories brand BILLYBELT

BILLYBELT is a creator who wishes to propose accessories and simple clothes carried by pure lines, sober designs, refined materials and their ease of use. The collections focus on the essentials by proposing, for each category, a unique model and its multiple variations which all make
their difference.

With simple accessories and garments with subtle contemporary touches, BILLYBELT brings you a choice of timeless, refined pieces refreshed by current fashion codes. Far from the idea of proposing avant-garde designs or modern colors to upset your style and your tastes. On the contrary, BILLYBELT is a brand that met its creativity to the service of your current style by giving it a new youth with a timeless and trendy detail.

Contemporaneity is a state of mind that shapes the collections BILLYBELT and incites it to create accessories and clothes that are in line with the most important trends of our time, especially ecology.

BILLYBELT wishes to become an actor of the "slow fashion" and of the "consume less to consume better". Our collections are a testimony to this, with the integration of responsible materials (organic cotton, recycled materials, etc.), production in responsible quantities, rarefied sales without marketing purposes and no organized private sales.

The BILLYBELT offer also follows numerous quality requirements making it resistant over time.

Did you know?

The brand BILLYBELT is based in the Hauts-de-France. It is in Bondues, a city in the Lille Metropolis, that the brand has been operating since 2012.

BILLYBELT has associated the piranha to its logo because it is one of the only animals that have braved all the ages since prehistoric times.
Known by all, it combines sobriety and robustness. However, like our product ranges, it is constantly evolving and modernizing.

ILLYBELT wishes to become the reference for accessories and ready-to-wear clothing. Thanks to its quality, the accessories and clothing BILLYBELT remain accessible to men and women wishing to perfect their style.Shaped by the intuition and the heart of two brothers from Lille, Quentin and Jean Baptiste GAVEAU, the brand wishes to progress, evolve and endure while respecting its codes and values.