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Kangol, heritage of a brand with know-how

Jacques Spreiregen returned to civilian life after the First World War and started trading in headwear in 1918 as an importer of Basque berets from France. A timeless classic, a version of this beret has been part of the Kangol range ever since.

Introducing them as a must-have post-war fashion item, Jacques became increasingly involved in the production and distribution of berets over the next 20 years. In 1938, Jacques created the name KANGOL to distinguish himself from the competition. Born in the UK, the Kangol brand became known for supplying berets to the British Army during the Second World War, notably to General Bernard Montgomery. The English tradition continued in the post-war years, as Kangol outfitted the British Olympic team with its berets for the 1948 opening ceremonies.

The beret was redesigned in 1954 to become the first of the now famous Kangol caps using stiffened materials to form a visor.

The most influential youth icons of the 1960s were the Beatles. In 1964, Kangol Wear obtained the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute worldwide any headwear featuring the image, endorsement or name of The Beatles. Eileen Greig designed a range of Beatles caps and berets. Kangol Wear even organised a joint promotion with the press to publicise their designs. This began to build the brand's credibility in the 1960s music world.

In 1983, Kangol needed a logo to represent its world famous product. The Cleator factory in the UK had been experimenting with logos and sent them a batch. They ranged from crocodiles to horses to turtles. But the Americans were going into the shops asking for the kangaroo hats. So instead of trying to fight it, Kangol adopted the kangaroo as its logo.

Today, Kangol produces a wide range of headwear, spanning generations and cultures. It's not just hip hop and heritage. Kangol is not just a fashion brand. Kangol is a cultural fusion of fashion, taking the best of British heritage and retro hip hop and mixing it with the fashion of the future. Kangol seeks to cater for a new generation of consumers without dismissing, abandoning or alienating the people who got it where it is today.

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Follow in the iconic footsteps of success and go out in style wearing trendy Kangol accessories. As a world-renowned brand with a rich heritage, Kangol brings the true definition of style to any wardrobe. From vintage headwears to unique backpacks for your daily commute, we bring you the same authenticity that has made Kangol a streetwear wardrobe staple for millions of fans around the world.

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