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SELECTED Men: A wide range of functional clothing for men

For a clean, tailored approach to everyday wear, turn to SELECTED HOMME. In this collection, you'll find organic cotton t-shirts, shirts and chinos, all cut with the clean lines that are typical of the Danish brand. High quality, with just the right amount of color and pattern, these stylish styles are classics for the modern wardrobe.

Those who have said that men are less spoiled than women when it comes to high fashion have never laid eyes on Selected Homme's impressive collection of menswear. Offering just about every type of garment a man could want, this line saves you from having to scour the shelves of store after store looking for the perfect jacket or shirt. In fact, you can find shirts, jackets, pants, accessories and more in every style and color imaginable, from rugged but fitted jeansto elegantgant suit pants, formal jackets that rival custom designs, cardigans, leather jackets and more. You'll find it all when you browse Sneakin's extensive line of men's clothing Selected Homme.

Selected Men's clothing, for the style-conscious man

Whether you're looking for comfortable shorts to throw on at a men's poker night, colorful ties to give your suit a distinctive aesthetic, or jeans and a plaid shirt, you'll find countless choices in the Selected Homme men's clothing collection. In fact, if you're looking for the perfect suit or a formal piece of clothing that will give you the professional air needed to pull off an important interview or presentation, you'll find that the Selected Homme men's clothing line has no shortage of options. But that's not all, even if you want to add some casual clothing that can be worn for a night on the town, the Selected Homme menswear collection will not disappoint. The best part is that you can shop without leaving your home. When it comes to comfort and quality, it doesn't get much better than the Selected Homme men's clothing line on

SELECTED Women : The timeless and elegant women's clothing collection

Selected Femme creates timeless looks that surprise with beautiful details. What stands out is the combination of classic and elegantgant. This brand offers styles that you will want to wear again and again! The Selected collection is for women who love trends, but want to stay true to their own classic style. The items in this collection can be worn effortlessly with clothes from previous seasons. Partly due to its neutral colors, but mostly due to the functional design.