The North Face: Jackets

Discover the latest collection of technical and outdoor clothing from The North Face. The North Face products use the latest manufacturing technologies and innovative fabrics to ensure optimum comfort. Browse a wide range of men's jackets, parka's, down jackets, men's insulated clothing in trendy prints and colours!

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The North Face the high performance outdoor sports brand par excellence

The North Face is a company founded by Douglas Tompkins, an environmental activist, specialising in sportswear and accessories, with a focus on mountain activities and trail running.

The North Face brand name is based on two elements: the first is the fact that the North Face of a mountain is always the most difficult to climb. The second element is that the brand's first shop was opened in North Beach. When The North Face brand was launched, the headquarters were in Berkeley and manufacturing was done in the back room.

The North Face: over 50 years of exploration and innovation

The American brand made its name in 1968 by guaranteeing its outdoor clothing for life. And yes, The North Face applies its lifetime guarantee to all its products, with the following reasoning:

"A quality item should last a lifetime, to reduce consumption and give this equipment a smaller ecological footprint. ".

In 1985, the Mountain jacket and trousers were introduced to the outdoor market. They offer mountaineers and hikers the same level of comfort and freedom of movement as their fellow skiers. Every piece of the garment is made of GORE-TEX®. The launch marks the beginning of a line of expedition products made with GORE-TEX® for optimal protection against the elements. This is the first piece of all-weather, breathable fabric to be created.

In 1992, The North Face unveiled one of its flagship products, still in vogue today, the Nuptse jacket. The name of this product is the meaning of "western peak" in Tibetan and is only 1.6 km southwest of Everest. The Nuptse jacket is an instant classic: with an innovative construction that limits down movement and increases warmth, this iconic down jacket makes sense in the coldest weather.

In 1995, The North Face launched Tekware, the first ever range of 100% synthetic gear designed to fit into a layering system. In 2013, The North Face launches ThermoBall™, a new type of synthetic insulation that mimics down clusters. Jackets with this technology are all the rage and enter the pantheon of The North Face's legendary designs.

In 2019, the brand is launching its new FutureLight technology designed to protect against rain and bad weather. Futurelight is waterproof and breathable outerwear, designed using sustainable methods and recycled materials. The waterproof fabric provides an impenetrable barrier against moisture and will keep you dry without fail.

The North Face: The trendiest winter down jackets and parkas

The North Face brand name evokes the coldest and most unforgiving side of the mountain: the North Face. In the early 1980s, The North Face decided to diversify its products and venture into the world of skiing, offering a range of technical clothing dedicated to this discipline. The North Face® brand embodies the passion for outdoor sports and is known for its high performance outdoor clothing series.

Today, The North Face brand dresses both the most experienced mountaineers and also metropolitans in a more urban fashion. The brand's signature pieces are the well-known McMurdo men's parka, The North Face Denali jacket, and the iconic The North Face Nupste down jacket. Did you know? Nuptse is a Nepalese peak in the Khumbu region southwest of Everest.

The North Face Men's McMurdo Parka

The North Face's iconic McMurdo 2 parka is named after a research station in Antarctica, and deservedly so, as it spares no expense in protecting you from the rigours of winter. With elements of our mountain jackets, it's the perfect barrier against the cold, thanks to its responsibly sourced, high loft down and removable faux fur-lined hood. Plus, it's got plenty of handy pockets for storing your belongings on the way to work or on long walks around town.

The technical features of The North Face McMurdo Parka are numerous. Highly lofty down keeps you warm when temperatures drop. Waterproof fabric provides an impenetrable barrier against moisture and will keep you dry without fail. Lightweight, breathable fabrics help regulate body temperature and provide overall comfort.

As for sizing, we recommend that you go down a size, as the model is quite large. This The North Face parka is a must-have garment from TNF. It is a great quality jacket that is very resistant to the cold. This parka is perfect for winter, light, extremely comfortable, with very large pockets and practical. The warmth offered by the quality of the down is exceptional, so much so that some people only wear a t-shirt under their parka in the middle of winter. What more could you ask for?

The North Face Men's Denali Jacket

The Denali jacket is an iconic model from The North Face. The Denali was first designed for climbers in 1989, and it has not lost any of its qualities since! Same design, same features... A fleece jacket that is as warm as ever, dries quickly and wicks away perspiration quickly. What's new this season is that The North Face Denali 2 jacket is made from recycled polyester fleece. The shoulder, chest and hood panels are waterproof and strong enough to withstand repeated contact with a backpack. The Denali jacket has a water-repellent coating. Clever: its pocket for electronic devices allows you to stay connected while on the move.

Did you know? This model is compatible with other The North Face® zippered pieces for layering, ideal for early morning surfing when it's still cold. Example: The '94 Mountain Light Jacket and Denali Fleece Jacket can be zipped together for complete weather protection.

Nuptse Jacket The North Face

The North Face Nuptse Jacket is a best seller in the brand. The Nupste jacket from TheNorthFace® is one of our iconic designs that will offer you style and functionality. Directly inspired by our famous 1996 Nuptse retro jacket range and its extra-large quilting.

Technically, The North Face Nuptse down jacket is highly insulating with the help of high quality, high loft down. This keeps you warm when temperatures drop and the cold winter weather sets in. The quick-drying fabric pushes moisture to the surface where it evaporates.

This ideal down jacket has a removable hood for rainy days and an inside zipped pocket to keep your belongings safe. Finally, this garment can be stored in its own pocket so you can travel light. This is very practical when you are hiking outdoors.

As you can see, you can match this Nuptse The North Face down jacket with any outfit for a classic retro urban look.

The North Face has a huge range of jackets, parkas, coats, windbreakers, blousons and accessories to keep you looking good in winter and summer.