Saucony Sneakers for Men, Women and Kids

Saucony shoes brand is available on Sneakin. Find all the latest models of Saucony sneakers on our online shop: Saucony Jazz Original, Sahdow, Saucony Jazz 4000 and 5000, Saucony Grid, Aya, and Azura.

All Saucony trainers, for men, women and children are available in different sizes, many colours and always at the best price !

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Saucony, a brand that has made running history

Saucony was founded in 1898, two years after the first Olympic marathon, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. In the early 20th century, track and field had become popular, but athletes did not have performance running shoes available. So Saucony set out to create a shoe to change the way people ran. In 1972, Frank Shorter won an Olympic gold medal, which sparked interest in running in the US, and in 1977, Saucony shoes won several awards. Soon, Saucony running shoes went from being the secret weapon of professional athletes to the secret weapon of amateur athletes.

Saucony's DNA is 100% running, as it is one of the few brands that develops and manufactures only running shoes. This focus on running has made it the pioneer and introducer of important innovations that have revolutionised running shoes.

Saucony, fashion for runners

Running is a demanding activity that requires high-performance equipment. The intense and repetitive strain on joints and muscles requires a good choice of running shoes. The purchase of running shoes depends on two main parameters: the nature of your activity and your stride.

Running enthusiasts will find exactly what they are looking for at Saucony, as this brand specialises in shoes for runners of all levels.

Sometimes, the effectiveness of a race is determined by the shoes you choose. That's why this brand's trainers combine lightweight design with effective and durable materials to help you improve your performance.

Eliminate obstacles and focus on what's ahead. Saucony shoes give you a better grip with every stride thanks to their flexible soles with optimal cushioning.

Everyday training shoes

If you consider yourself a runner at heart, these shoes are designed to give you maximum comfort during your daily workouts. And that's the beauty of technologies like Formfit, designed to give you a perfect fit.

Whether it's cold or sunny, Saucony trainers take care of your feet in every sport routine. In fact, their breathable designs ensure that sweat won't stop you from going as far as you want.

And if you're planning to go running on a rainy day, check out the waterproof models, specially designed to cope with this weather condition ?

Running shoes to match your look

Saucony Jazz Original

Since its release decades ago, the Jazz Original has remained ahead of the curve in terms of style and comfort. Lace-up front, padded tongue and strap

Opt for the Saucony Jazz shoe with its nylon/suede upper for optimum durability.

The padded footbed, tongue and strap provide excellent shock absorption, a perfect fit and maximum comfort

Technologies such as the cushioned fabric lining and removable insole, shock absorbing EVA midsole and grippy solid rubber outsole ensure optimal comfort during your running sessions.

Saucony Shadow 5000

The Shadow Original Vintage pays homage to our long-standing passion for retro sneakers.

The Sneakers Shadow 5000 with its grid technology heel support, neutral tread, with combinations of suede and nylon mesh, making it very breathable and comfortable as well as fashionable.

  • Padded tongue and cuff: comfortable fit.
  • Soft fabric lining and cushioned insole: all-day comfort.
  • Traditional lacing: optimal fit.
  • Marshallowy" EVA midsole: shock absorption.
  • Polyurethane heel: extra support.
  • Triangular rubber stud pattern typical of Saucony Originals.

A variety of styles that follow your steps

One of the best things about Saucony trainers is that they are available in an infinite number of styles and colours. You can choose from bright colours such as yellow, pink or light blue, although you can always opt for neutral tones.

And if you like to run at night, opt for shoes with reflective details, so that you are 100% visible!

For men, women and children, Saucony shoes are ideal for the whole family. Be stylish and comfortable by simply tying your laces. Enjoy durable and long-lasting shoes that will accompany your every step.