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TEVA the brand of shoes, hiking sandals and barefoot shoes

Teva is a Deckers Brands brand. Founded in 1984, Teva is the pioneer brand in outdoor footwear.

Looking for a way to keep sandals from floating downstream in the Grand Canyon, a resourceful river guide attached two Velcro straps to a pair of old flip-flops, and that's how Teva was born.

Did you know? Teva brand products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

TEVAEco-friendly products to reduce the environmental footprint

The brand Teva isengage in the reduction of plastic!

Since 2020, 100% of the brand's emblematic lanyards are now made of recycled plastic using REPREVE® yarn. This approach prevents the disposal of over 9 million plastic bottles and allows them to be reused in the manufacture of sandals.

In addition to recycled straps, the brand also looks for sustainable alternatives to major materials and reduces water consumption and waste in its packaging. And that's just the beginning.

In search of beauty in new places, from water bottles to plastic parts.

172 tons of used plastic bottles are cleaned, crushed and turned into small tablets. That's over 150,000 kilos of plastic that won't end up in the ocean or in the mouths of sea turtles.

Transforming plastic waste into fabric Teva.

The pellets are cleaned, prepared and spun. The resulting thread is then woven into the ultra-resistant fabric of the shoes.

8,000 kilometers of fabric, to be precise. That's the equivalent of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexique to Canada and back.

And the canvas straps are the link between the sandals and the feet.

As of 2020, all polyester straps are made from millions of reused plastic bottles, reducing reliance on virgin plastic. Waste that pollutes the planet is turned into something that helps the world.