Le Temps des Cerises Jeans. Top of the Women's and Men's Jeans

Le Temps des Cerises, treat yourself to our selection of women's and men's jeans in all cuts and colours, skinny, slim and regular!

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Le Temps des Cerises a history of jeans since 1998

Le Temps des cerises is a French clothing brand that mainly makes jeans and accessories and now leather clothing.

For 20 years, the brand met all its passion in the matter, with the promise not to stop at perfect cuts and authentic effects, but also to a responsible approach even in the smallest details ...

The brand was created in Marseille in 1998. It is essentially in a vintage lineage, with a jeans DNA, which has developed a textile offer by transcribing the codes and manufacturing techniques of denim.

It should be remembered that jeans were created between Marseille and Genoa, in Italie, where the yarn was dyed in indigo, hence the blue of Genoa which became the "Blue Jeans".

Then, the fabric was woven in Nîmes, hence the fabric of Nîmes became the "Denim".

Le Temps des Cerises dresses all women and men with style thanks to a ready-to-wear that knows how to reinvent itself.
The collections surf on the trend while displaying their difference. Sinceorigine the French brand has had to develop a textile offer by transcribing the codes and manufacturing techniques of jeans.

Jeans that keep their promises

Object of desire, the jeans are also the support, almost infinite, of all reinterpretations. To wear jeans is to express one's difference, to assert one's character but also one's ability to integrate cultural codes.

The denim fabrics used by the brand Le Temps des Cerises are made in the best factories in Italie, note that the stitching thread and woven labels also come fromItalie.

The jacrons, leather labels placed on the back of the jeans at the level of the belt, are made and treated in Espagne with Italian leather.

The brand pays particular attention to collaborate with manufacturing plants that respect social and environmental standards.

To create quality jeans, sourcing is a major step. The brand pays great attention to choosing high-end fabrics, while preserving an affordable price.

"For 20 years we have been putting all our passion into the fabric, our promise does not stop at perfect jeans cuts and authentic washes, we have a responsible approach even in the smallest details..." Lyllian Richardière

Le Temps des Cerises crosses the seasons and offers unique and trendy pieces. At the forefront of fashion, the brand is constantly innovating to enhance your wardrobe, winter and summer, and dresses you for every moment of the day.

The different types of jeans "Le Temps des Cerises" for women and men

The most popular models of women's jeans are the "Pulp", the "Power", and the "Boyfit".

  • Pulp model: Stretch fabric with a push-up and sculpting effect. It is the guarantee of "beautiful buttocks" with the push-up effect and the ideally placed back pockets. The Pulp jeans fit all body types, whether you are thin or round, short or tall!
  • Power model: Comfort fabric with a loose effect on the hips, legs slightly tightened, it is a boyfriend cut, the denim 100% comfort. These jeans are a great success with women, opt for a trendy look assured! It is the most glamorous version of the jeans that you steal from your guy. It is worn on the hips or high waist. It is suitable for all, whether you are thin, plump, tall or short.
  • Boyfit model: Very stretchy fabric, sculpting with a second skin effect, it is the indeformable denim. This cut of jeans sculpts perfectly the curves thanks to its stretchy and very comfortable fabric. it does not deform!

The blue Jogg and the 700/11 are the two essential models for men.

  • Model Blue Jogg: it is the jeans as comfortable as a jogging. An extreme comfort with an innovative and revolutionary fabric. Created from a hybrid fabric, a mix between denim and jogging material, the Blue Jogg adopts the style and look of jeans and allows an unmatched freedom of movement. Ideal for travel.
  • Model 700/11: Stretch fabric, fitted and slightly reshaped leg. Here is a jean "emboitant". It is the best-seller to have in his dressing room! A comfortable jean with unmatched style and look that fits both tall and short men.

Le Temps des Cerises A Mediterranean know-how

Le Temps des Cerises was born in the heart of the Mediterranean basin, the cradle of denim.

Created by a true fan of the blue fabric, the brand has perpetuated a unique know-how in the manufacture of its jeans and develops its own recipes for the development of point washes.

Today, Le Temps des Cerises is the specialist of the JEANS which "makes beautiful buttocks"!

The brand has become a real reference thanks to its collections with a rebellious spirit. Le Temps des Cerises expresses through its collections an atmosphere mixing seduction and casualness.

A certain nonchalance is transcribed through an easy wear, a fashion as rock as comfortable that keeps its chic in all circumstances.

More than a state of mind, the French denim brand conveys an art of living where sharing is at the heart of relationships. Travel inspires and forges their inspirations. The freedom to be oneself and to live in harmony is at the heart of their motivations.

Leather jackets, Perfecto Le temps des cerises for Women

Thanks to Le Temps des Cerises, change your style according to your desires and without depriving yourself by adopting a glamorous, modern, chic and resolutely stylish look.