Colorful Standard T-Shirts et Sweats in organic cotton

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Colorful Standard: a brand of colorful and responsible basic clothing

Colorful Standard focuses on creating basic, non-seasonal clothing that is sustainable, colorful and simple to wear every day.Their clothing is made from 100% organic cotton, which means their GOTS certified fabrics do not contain genetically modified cotton plants and are grown without the use of harmful pesticides. All garments have been pre-washed, so they won't shrink in the wash, and countless hours of testing and customer feedback went into developing the cuts to ensure a perfect fit.

Inject color into your wardrobe with Colorful Standard's bold clothing line. The sustainably made tees and sweatshirts come in a rainbow palette of primary tones and pastel hues. The minimalist aesthetic defies the seasons and ensures year-round wear. Although the label is based in the UK, its items are produced at Portugal under fair labor conditions. Colorful Standard encourages people to opt for simple pieces that will stand the test of time. Choose your favorite color from the Sneakin selection.

Lifestyle clothing with elegant simplicity

At Colorful Standard, a love of color and simplicity is at the heart of everything the team designs. The brand believes there's nothing better than a perfectly fitting, long-lasting T-shirt or hoodie made from the highest quality organic cotton. Designing apparel and accessories for the long haul, each piece is durable, colorful and simple for everyone to enjoy, no matter your gender.

Colorful Standard is quickly becoming a synonym for perfectly fitting organic basics, and we're excited to offer them online at Sneakin.

Colorful StandardAn example of sustainable clothing

A leader in the world of sustainable clothing production, Colorful Standard has spent years perfecting the fit of its hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts to ensure that whether you opt for a slim-fit look or a casual style, your organic cotton basics will fit like a glove gant. With a range ofunisex, women's and men'sitems, Colorful Standard brings simple, colorful clothing to our curated selection.

Colorful Standard items are all solution dyed, which means that the fabric is dyed after it is sewn, not on the roll as with traditional dyeing. This is an advantage for several reasons:

  • Pieces that are solution dyed are pre-washed, which means they don't shrink and have a soft, relaxed fit.
  • Shop dyeing results in a deep, rich color with subtle variations in tone throughout the garment.
  • Vat dyeing reduces fabric waste because the same base fabric can be used for many different items.

Their accessories produce no waste and are made from luxurious Italian merino wool.

So come check out our collection Colorful Standard to fuel your wardrobe with Sneakin!