Mitchell and Ness Clothing: Authentic NBA Jersey and Jersey

The Mitchell & Ness sportswear brand is specialised in sportswear, especially products under official licences such as the NBA, MLB or NFL. The American brand is specialised in the sale of authentic (American sports) jerseys, jersey, t-shirts, jackets and high quality caps.

The latest Mitchell & Ness products are available for men and women in different sizes and at the best prices!

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Mitchell & Ness, an Authentic, Premium, and Legendary Brand

In 1904, Frank Mitchell and Charles Ness launched the future of the authentic when they came together in Philadelphia to create Mitchell & Ness Sporting Goods. At first, they specialized in stringing tennis rackets, making custom golf clubs, and making uniforms for local Philadelphia baseball and football teams.

In 1933, the Mitchell & Ness brand made its debut in the NFL by manufacturing uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles, a partnership that would last 30 years. Soon after, in 1938, Mitchell & Ness entered the world of professional baseball, producing uniforms for the Philadelphia Athletics, and equipping the Phillies a few years later.

In 1985, Mitchell & Ness received a request that helped it take a new direction. A customer inquired about having his 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates waistcoat and 1949 St. Louis Browns jersey repaired. This sparked an idea that would change everything. To make authentic, vintage, historically accurate baseball jerseys and apparel. And so Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. was born.

Today, Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. offers authentic vintage jerseys and apparel for MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA and MLS.

Thanks to Mitchell & Ness, you can wear Authentic NBA Jerseys Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Denis Rodman, Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett, Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.

Mitchell & Ness, authentic jerseys, jersey, shorts, t-shirts

The Mitchell & Ness sports jersey brand reproduces historically accurate wool flannel sportswear inspired by the baseball, basketball, football and hockey uniforms of the past.

Before any production process begins, experts are consulted and extensive research is conducted to ensure that the reproductions are as close to the real thing as possible. If you want to build a look that is charmingly retro, yet cool for today, then Mitchell & Ness is the answer.

Whether you're chilling at home or strolling around town, let your killer look take over with Mitchell & Ness men's sweatshirts. These comfortable, sharp styles are perfect for staying warm and comfortable when the weekend rolls around.

Get your favourite team cap from Mitchell & Ness, the Lakers or Chicago Bulls, and that's not all, we also have team t-shirts, loose so you can wear them with wide-leg trousers.

Their sweatshirts are perfect for winter if you live in a particularly cold area. This brand is totally sporty, but although all their caps are printed, you can wear their clothes and accessories every day, with trendy jeans, jogger pants, or with bomber jackets. Find more fashion, change your style by choosing a different type of clothing than you are used to or look for your favourite clothes because we are sure to have them.

Mitchell & Ness Vintage Jerseys: Top retro jerseys

From the greatest athletes of all time to the legends of today, Mitchell & Ness has the best vintage jerseys. is the best online shop to buy the latest Mitchell and Ness Jerseys. The trend of the moment is to wear a vintage NBA jersey in oversize mode. Most M&N jerseys feature retro designs that reveal the most traditional and popular uniforms in American sports.

We offer Mitchell & Ness Jerseys for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams that pay tribute to the greatest athletes in history.

Whether your favorite player was a pioneer of the game or a recent legend, we have a Mitchell and Ness Jersey for them.

Browse our Vintage Mitchell & Ness Jerseys to find authentic looks that pay tribute to the iconic uniforms of yesteryear. With hundreds of retired players in our Mitchell & Ness inventory, the e-shop offers you a wide selection of legendary jerseys.

Mitchell & Ness caps

American Mitchell & Ness is one of the leading manufacturers of snapback caps. With a high quality and feel, Mitchell & Ness has grown to become the preferred brand for snapback fans. They have several teams from the major sports leagues in the United States. There are Mitchell & Ness hats and snapbacks for everyone. The brand for anyone who loves SnapBacks.

Sneakin has a wide range and can offer you almost everything from the Mitchell & Ness SnapBacks and caps collection. Take advantage of our wide range and find your new Mitchell & Ness cap.

Mitchell & Ness, official supplier of the NBA

Choose from the NBA Store assortment to find the perfect NBA merchandise for your collection. In addition to NBA jerseys, t-shirts and sweatshirts, our shop has tons of officially licensed NBA collectibles for you to display in your home or office. Find the latest player merchandise in a wide range of sizes so you and your fellow fans can represent your favorite basketball team in authentic NBA style. Browse the Sneakin shop for the largest assortment of basketball jerseys and apparel online.

Now you can pay tribute to your favorite NBA player of all time by choosing this Mitchell & Ness Apparel.