EDWIN Jeans for Men

EDWIN, is a Japanese clothing brand founded in 1947 as Tsunemi Yonehachi shop. Edwin Co. Ltd. The brand focuses mainly on the manufacture of jeans (denim). Discover without further delay the latest collection of jeans, street and casual clothing of the brand EDWIN.

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EDWIN is a progressive denim brand that combines Japanese heritage, craftsmanship and expertise with a contemporary European vision and attitude.

The EDWIN brand draws inspiration from music, art and international lifestyle to create their denim and casual wear collection. Edwin was the first manufacturer in Japan to use stone-wash techniques.

EDWIN the Japanese premium denim brand

The Japanese label EDWIN is inspired by all things denim and non-denim with inspiration drawn from everyday life, urban street, surf and skate culture, as well as traditional and contemporary denim. The guest artists, DJs and collaborations that revolve around the EDWIN brand are deep and diverse; whether they celebrate urban motorbike culture, tattoo art, DIY-punk graphics or the electronic music and rave scenes of London, Antwerp, Paris and Berlin. the mix is modern, eclectic and interesting; an effortless blend of their rich past, combined with a forward-thinking approach to what they do.

EDWIN: street-inspired jeans and casual wear collections

Edwin Europe has created a wardrobe that is strongly inspired by the essence of seasonality, with summer colours and strong prints punctuating a revisit of previous seasons.

Alongside the most progressive seasonal styling elements, best-selling classics have been refreshed to provide a strong commercial foundation for the collection. They were also accompanied by a strong selection of the brand's ubiquitous iterations and graphic print t-shirts and sweatshirts. Finally, EDWIN Europe has, as usual, collaborated with various artists in the development and design of this collection.

Today, EDWIN makes its jeans with in-house selvedge fabrics and offers a unique creative vision.

It is a brand of jeans recognized throughout the world for its quality values, a unique know-how realized by passionate people, all in a price range accessible to the greatest number. The EDWIN brand remains positioned as a premium denim brand with beautiful ready-to-wear pieces!

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