PSG X Jordan Clothing

This is Paris! Find the whole PSG x Jordan collection on Sneakin : shirts, jackets, parkas, sportswear, shorts, trousers, jogging, sweatshirt, Air Jordan, training, caps, accessories... The latest PSG x JORDAN lifestyle collection is on sale on our online shop. Take advantage of low prices all year round to equip yourself and support your favourite team PSG!

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This season's Jordan x Paris Saint-Germain collaboration features colourful finishes with a purple iridescent sheen. For several seasons, the PSG X Jordan lifestyle collection has been highly anticipated, both by PSG fans, but also by all sneaker addicts and Jordan Brand fans!

Jordan X PSG New collection of tracksuits and shirts

The partnership between Jordan and Paris Saint-Germain has its origins in sport and is embedded in culture. The Jumpman's cheeky boldness blends perfectly with the sophisticated design of Parisian fashion, enhancing the sportswear style and revealing both brands to new audiences.

If you're a fan of Paris Saint-Germain football club, or a fan of the Jumpman brand "Jordan Brand", this new lifestyle collection is for you!

As a reminder, the partnership between Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain started during the 2018/2019 season. This is the first time that the American firm Jordan Brand has partnered with a football team. But it must also be said that the Jumpman has long had a special relationship with France and specifically with its capital. Who remembers the photos of Michael Jordan at the Trocadero proudly posing in front of the Eiffel Tower? Who would have thought, a few years later, that the Jumpman logo would appear right in the middle of the capital's club logo.

A collaboration that made a lot of talk. Both criticized and adored, today each new piece of the collaboration puts everyone in agreement.

Today, the bet is successful, it has become a win-win partnership! The Paris Saint-Germain club is exploding in sales and improving its image as the most fashionable club in the world. On the other hand, Nike and Jordan Brand are opening up a new universe never before approached. An undeniable Fashion/Street Culture label that is popular all over the world, especially in America and Asia.

Signing with PSG is both a way to reach one of the most prominent clubs on the planet in terms of sport and to give Jordan a strong foothold in one of the world's capitals of street culture.

Fashion pieces such as the PSG X Jordan jackets, or the Paris/Jumpman jerseys are sold out very quickly. Just like the Air Jordan I and Air Jordan V sneaker models, which are a big hit with sneakerheads!

Michael Jordan himself spoke on the official PSG website about the collaboration between the brand bearing his name and the Parisian club:

"Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain occupy a unique position in sport and style. Our association is a natural one. We are excited to unite our two communities of enthusiasts, now linked by the presence of the 'Jumpman' on the chest of Paris Saint-Germain players. "

The collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan Brand reflects the ambition of both brands to combine performance, innovation and style. The PSG X Jordan collaboration allows us to reach new audiences while offering PSG's loyal fans around the world the best in style! With this new partnership, Nike shows its ambitions beyond basketball and outside North America.

This is a new era of collaboration between basketball and football. And at Sneakin, we love it, it's in our DNA. Combining sporty and trendy fashions, this new collaboration between two essential brands makes us want to be part of this team without hesitation.

PSG X Jordan: a lifestyle collection, innovative and stylish
The PSG X Jordan lifestyle collection is based on cool, well-designed pieces of clothing to achieve this "street credibility". Nike and Jordan Brand have understood the interest of associating with Paris, one of the world's fashion capitals. You only have to see the Paris Fashion Week to realise how popular it is. Paris is also the capital of street culture.

All PSG X Jordan products are inspired by this street culture and the world of basketball. The Quai 54 streetball tournament is also highlighted in this global partnership. Visually, the clothing pieces are very fashionable and the first collection is a real success. The entire range of lifestyle clothing was bought up quickly, creating stock-outs on many products.

Today, Jersey Culture makes it easy to wear a shirt outside the football context. Outside of the stadiums, the fashion is to wear oversized t-shirts and jerseys.

The PSG X Jordan collection includes many pieces including big logo sweatshirts, jackets and hot parkas stamped Jordan X PSG, t-shirts, jerseys, and Bball tank tops. All of which will give you an ultra-stylish look that will appeal to a wide range of people.