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Bensimon canvas trainers, the French sneakers, fashionable in Paris

They were created by Serge Bensimon in 1980 and since then, they are the basic trainers that every Frenchman has in his wardrobe. Comfortable, durable, beautiful and inexpensive, they are a "must-have" every season.

The history of the Bensimon brand dates back to the end of the Second World War, when Charles Bensimon made military clothing imported from the United States a trend and a sign of modernity in France. During the 1970s, Bensimon clothing became more personal thanks to changes introduced by Serge, one of the grandsons of the brand's founder. It was during these years that the now world-famous Bensimon canvas trainers were born, thanks to a simple idea: dyeing the original trainers that arrived from the United States in different colours. The result was the now legendary Bensimon trainers, made of canvas with a white rubber toe cap, which gradually became a staple shoe for the French.

Over the years, the brand has grown and, in addition to trainers, it has expanded into the sale of lifestyle clothing, always with the special Bensimon touch inspired by American trends. The success and originality of the Bensimon brand lies in the balanced mix of American trends and the 100% Parisian flavour.

Timeless canvas shoes, the Bensimon benchmark

They are comfortable, resistant, cheap, machine washable and timeless. They are like the American Converse, or the Spanish Victorias, we all have them in our wardrobe. Bensimon trainers are everyday trainers that go with everything and have become a must-have every season in France thanks to a selective distribution network and clever marketing.

A diversification of Bensimon sneakers to dress you with more modernity

Although the classic shoe is the canvas lace-up shoe, over the years new models have appeared: ballerina style, boot style, with a bow, an elastic band, a button... small subtle details that broaden the Bensimon catalogue, but always remaining faithful to the simple and basic spirit with which this shoe was created. Every year, the French brand also creates limited editions, which are sold for one or two seasons. In 2010, for example, they designed the Liberty trainer, with small blue, brown or red flowers printed on the canvas.

Young boys, men, women, children, teenagers... everyone wears Bensimon shoes in Paris. Just look at the feet of Parisians when you walk down the street. On the Sneakin online shop, you will find all the models and colours currently on sale.