Sixth June Collection for Men and Women

Discover the new collection of tee shirts, sweatshirts and cargo pants from Sixth June. The French streetwear brand has become a must-have.
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Discover streetwear fashion for men and women

Long before Instagram became the world's biggest influence, we knew that streetwear was being reborn every day in the cities. It is this movement, validated by the youth and no one else, that is reflected in Sixth June's Fashion & Streetwear collections. 10 years later, it still remains the main source of inspiration for the French brand.

Sixth June was born from the energy of youth and its ability to reinvent fashion, remix and combine. Did you know that Sixth June is a French brand based in Paris? It was created on June 6th 2008, hence its name.

The hoodie, iconic piece of the Sixth June brand

The hoodie is the most important and revisited piece of the last ten years; and this is not anecdotal... Because nowadays everything is streetwear. The brand Sixth June has understood this. They were the first to see the streetwear trend in France, and that this trend would quickly become the norm for all fashion and urban brands.
From luxury, to designer, to more popular brands, streetwear is inspiring everyone because it is at its peak. Sixth June has been at the forefront of this trend. Today, Sixth June is taking streetwear forward and democratising it.

Sixth June is a brand for Early Adpoters!

In just a few years, the trendy streetwear brand has become a must-have for young people. This new generation appreciates the quality of the urban clothing offered, the style and also the price.

160 pieces per collection, and 4 collections per year. This construction of lines makes it possible to satisfy the very demanding clothing desires of young people, and their need for permanent renewal. Sixth June's clothing collections are designed in this way: 20% avant-garde, 50% effective minimalism and 30% more timeless classics.

"Streetwear For Everyone" could be the slogan of the Sixth June brand.

Sixth June, a trendy, urban and original brand

Streetwear has always been the claim of a different lifestyle, in constant hybridization. It brings together all the cultures born in the street, often with a lot of extravagance: skateboarding, punk, rock, rap, trap, all the universes exchange codes to create new ones, always more original and surprising.
At Sixth June we don't try to sugarcoat it, the streetwear brand wants to give the real vision of what's going on right now, with a real desire to democratize UrbanWear, because Gen Z doesn't forgive fake.

Here is an urban ready-to-wear brand that catches the eye thanks to its originality, especially with its oversized or asymmetrical cuts, Sixth June breaks the classic style and offers a wide choice of products, each as original and unique as the next. A different brand that is very popular within the street culture.

Today, the urban streetwear brand Sixth June caters for both men and women. Everyone enjoys the latest fashionable outfit pieces, as well as timeless basics such as sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, jogger pants and tactical jackets. Everyone can create their own perfect mix at the best price. Women love Sixth June because of the clothing items on offer. The demanding women who want multiple, original and fashionable styles appreciate the new and latest clothing trends created by Sixth June.

Sixth June is distributed by Urban Outfitters, Asos and of course

Find a large choice of urban and streetwear clothes at the best price!