New Era Streetwear Clothing and Jackets for Men and Women

As the official equipment supplier to baseball, hockey and American football clubs, New Era is a typical American brand that transcends fashion. New Era clothes are sportswear and streetwear pieces that combine the influences of sports and hip-hop.

In this selection you will find New Era clothing with a youthful style, from hoodies, t-shirts, teddys, zip-up sweatshirts and jogging trousers. The latest New Era products are available for men, women and children in different sizes and at the best prices!

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Adopt New Era and support your favourite team

For more than 30 years, New Era has been producing a range of 100% streewear, sporty and very diversified. The brand made its name by signing a partnership with the American baseball league called MLB, and took advantage of this to release numerous products derived from their main activity, the cap. New Era sweatshirts are simple, timeless and elegant products thanks to their original look, just like their caps, which represent your favourite baseball, football (NFL) and basketball (NBA National Basketball Association) teams. Find hoodies, crewnecks and zip-up sweatshirts among our large collection of New Era jumpers! There is something for everyone.

New Era NBA Jackets

The New Era brand is world famous and iconic in the sportswear world. It is the brand that invented the baseball cap! The brand tries to renew itself frequently in order not to remain on its assets. That's why you can find hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts with different prints, shapes or colours. The New Era clothing collection is getting bigger and bigger every season with the numerous models of varsity jackets, bombers, NBA jackets and windbreakers.

A must-have piece of sportswear and streetwear dressing, the New Era jacket for men will satisfy you by its design and comfort.

Choose your sport and then choose a team to support, and opt for a very good quality jumper at a reasonable price! One thing is sure, you will find a sweater and a jacket from New Era that you need, for sports as for everyday life!

New Era Trendy Clothing

The world's leading baseball cap manufacturer is back with a deeply authentic streetwear collection. You'll find cool urban wear in pure American style.

Support your favourite team with crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies featuring real team and league logos! A New Era sweatshirt is not a product that you use only to go to the gym, quite the contrary. It is a fashionable garment thanks to its comfort, with its soft cotton fleece. It can be worn with ease, whatever your style, from casual to smart. New Era is a very influential brand in today's sportswear world due to the quality, beauty and comfort of its products. To complete your outfit, opt for a New Era cap, but from the same team as your sweatshirt of course!