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A wide range of berets for all styles

Originally, the beret was a type of headgear made from sheep's wool, worn by shepherds in the Bearn region. This type of hat protects men from the cold or rain, but also from the sun during the summer.

Over the years, the hat has become a real fashion accessory and is now available in various cuts and materials. If the "traditional" models are made from felted wool or Merino wool, the berets with modern design can be designed with materials such as cotton or leather.

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Discover here a large choice of branded berets at cheap prices to assert your style every day. Our models of woolen berets and caps for men and women have been carefully selected to satisfy all fashion desires.

Whether you want to add an authentic, elegant, or sporty touch to your outfit, the selection of berets we offer is available in a wide range of styles and colors.

For the ultimate in fashionable men's berets, we also invite you to explore the Kangol beret collection. This famous British headwear brand offers a wide variety of berets, each as stylish as the next.

If you have a preference for the sportswear or streetwear look, be sure to find the perfect hat to complete your style at the Kangaroo brand. Need a timeless black wool beret or a colorful and original model with the famous Kangol logo? You will find everything you need at the best price on our online shop.

How to wear a beret?

Appreciated by both men and women, the beret is a versatile fashion accessory that can be combined with almost anything. Moreover, it can be worn every day and is suitable for all occasions.

For a casual look, the man beret can be paired with chino pants and a sweater. In a more chic style, it is worn with a jacket and a pair of loafers. Streetwear fans can combine it with denim pants, a plaid shirt, and a denim jacket.

For women, the beret can be used to design various looks by associating it with different outfits: skinny jeans and a long coat for an elegant style, a dress and tights adorned with fancy patterns for an original look ...

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Kangol: berets combining design and trend

Created in 1938, the Kangol brand is known for having equipped the British armed forces during the Second World War. The Kangaroo brand then turned to the production of fashion items, including Kangol headwear.

The brand's iconic products, Kangol headwear, have been adopted by famous rappers like Notorious BIG. The brand's popularity has grown and the Kangaroo logo berets have become a trendy and fashionable accessory.

Kangol headwear highlights: Kangol 504 beret, Kangol 507 beret

The woolen berets designed by the Kangol brand are very popular for their careful design and manufacturing quality. Popularized by celebrities like Run DMC or Eminem, they are still very trendy today.

Among the most famous, the Kangol 504 and 507 hats seduce both older and younger generations. These iconic Kangol products are both pleasing to the eye and comfortable to wear every day.

Made of high quality wool, the Kangol 504 and 507 berets are a great combination of aesthetics, fashion, and comfort. During the winter months, Kangol flat caps help you face the cold in style.

Their cozy material offers effective protection in low temperatures. In the summer, the flat visor protects you from the sun on sunny days.

Kangol caps are available in a wide range of colors: black, white, red, blue... You'll surely find the right model for you at sneakin.