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A success in the 90's, the brand: Reebok is available on Sneakin. Find all the latest models of Reebok sneakers on our online shop.

From the Reebok Classic range to the mythical Club C. All Reebok trainers, for men, women and children are available in different sizes, several colours and always at the best price!

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Reebok Classic: a sports fashion icon

Reebok Classic is a brand with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture and design of trainers, clothing and sports accessories for women, men and children. The British company is distinguished by the inclusion of the Union Flag in its most classic range: a symbol of its origins.

Sporty pieces beyond trends

Do you like casual and timeless fashion? Then look to Reebok Classic, where you'll find trainers and apparel perfect for your daily activities, as well as accessories to keep all your gear organised for work or college.

There are plenty of trainers to pair with your favourite clothes, but the Reebok Classic Leather is the most recognised on the market and is ideal for completing a casual, urban wardrobe. This model is the perfect companion for your everyday life. Since its appearance in 1983, it has adapted to the times, with new materials and colours that you will love.

Another of the most emblematic proposals of this company are the Nylon, which, in addition to offering a simple design, are also characterised by their comfort. While the sports shoes are undoubtedly one of the brand's strong points, it also offers clothing and accessories to complete your look or even that of your children.

Reebok Classic: Heritage and sports heritage

Reebok Classic represents the best of our long sporting tradition and fitness heritage. Iconic and timeless sneakers like the Classic Leather, Club C, Workout Plus, Aztrek and the recent Classic Leather Legacy merge our most retro heritage with timeless style that transcends generations. Drawing inspiration from our archives, Reebok Classic brings you collections that reimagine the past with the present in mind. Clothing and footwear for adults and children that go with everything and make a difference with authentic style for everyday and streetwear. Iconic looks that defy labels and break with convention. Because style is also about attitude.

Trainers, clothing and accessories for everyone

Different generations have enjoyed the core characteristics that define Reebok Classic: comfort, simplicity and style. So the company offers trainers for the discerning, accessories to complement any outfit and the latest in children's fashion.

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect pair of trainers? Reebok Classic women's shoes are close to perfection with their fusion of innovation and technology. What's more, they're perfect for pairing with your t-shirts, sweatpants, skirts and shorts. If, on the other hand, you're looking for basics like socks and leggings, you'll find them here too: just choose between their classic or more modern designs.

The brand's men's fashion consists of various styles, of which white or off-white is predominant. We also like the wide range of sweatshirts, sports trousers, printed T-shirts, zip-up jackets and socks. The boys' and girls' trainers also stand out for their variety of shades, which means you can wear them with jeans and add a touch of colour to your outfit.

Comfortable, casual style that goes everywhere

Trainers are now the queens of urban fashion for both men and women. They can be paired with anything, whether it's jeans, a midi dress or just shorts and a t-shirt. Have you ever tried wearing a hoodie and boyfriend jeans with a pair of off-white trainers? Then you might want to add a fanny pack, backpack or cap to the ensemble and add the finishing touch to your outfit.

As for the men's line, a trendy proposal could be a bomber jacket with a plain T-shirt, jeans and a white Classic Leather from Reebok Classic, an example of the vintage style that is so fashionable! In the case of children, it will be very easy to combine some clothes with others to get a total look of the brand, as it has an infinite number of models for the kings of the house.