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Saucony, one of the oldest footwear companies in the US
Saucony trainers for men, women, juniors and children are made for all seasons thanks to trendy colours, mesh, leather, suede or nubuck inserts. Offering models of sporty or urban trainers, low, light, warm, in suede or simply leather trainers, Saucony allows its followers to wear their brand all year long. Discover low and light trainers for the summer period or trainers with more resistant and warmer materials for the winter period.

Saucony, a century-old company in a modern world
Founded in 1898, with the first factory in the United States in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The company takes its name from the river that runs alongside this first factory, Saucony Creek. The company expanded into sporting goods, particularly athletics. The industry was not as developed as it is today, so Saucony began in anonymity.

In 1910, a Russian immigrant, Cobbler Abraham Hyde, set up a shoe manufacturing plant in Cambridge, Massachusetts under the name Hyde Athletic Industries. Hyde bought out the Saucony company in 1960, which had grown anonymously, even seeing brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Asics emerge. The factory was moved to Cambridge. It was not until the 1990s that the Hyde Group changed its name, as Saucony finally emerged, after 100 years of experience and development, as the spearhead of the Hyde company, which decided to change its name from a footwear manufacturing company to Saucony.

In 2005, Saucony was bought by another industry group and its headquarters were again relocated to the Boston suburb of Lexington, Massachusetts. Then 10 years later, another group bought it. And it is with this takeover that Saucony, in 2015, will really enter the lifestyle part and develop different ranges thanks to its experience in the field of athletics, sportswear.

From the athletic shoes of the late 19th century to the sneakers of our time
Saucony has a rich history, which is a great strength for a company wishing to develop today in lifestyle and sportswear. Indeed, thanks to their history and their experience in different groups, the brand has built up a very complete archive.

Sports shoes, running shoes, cushioning technologies, clothing that is both performance-oriented and made for everyday life.

If you are looking for sports shoes with a focus on performance, then the running shoe range is for you. And that's what the Peregrine 10, the ultimate Saucony trail shoe, offers. A true running shoe offering grip and versatility on all terrains. The PWRTRAC rubber outsole is grippy and protective, so you'll feel confident running in it. Designed for optimal cushioning, they'll hold your stride on the downhill and ensure responsiveness on the uphill.

Another pair of running shoes from Saucony, the Aya, is one of the first performance running shoes for the general public from Saucony. The Aya, with its colourful styling, is as light and flexible as ever to accompany you on your training sessions around the world.

Saucony has made a name for itself in the field of running and training shoes, so much so that major brands such as Asics, with its GEL technology and the entire Asics Gel range, have been inspired by the work done by the American firm.

But Saucony has been able to create different models of trendy sneakers thanks to its archive base. And with its athletic shoe origins, comfort will be at the rendez-vous! The brand's different sneakers will be found in its Originals range.

As with the Saucony Grid from a stabilised footwear base, the Grid offers a dynamic alternative to these old school models. Making it trendy with punchy colours and a contemporary feel. With its thick sole and technology in the midsole, the Saucony Grid will offer you a comfortable, wrap-around fit. They'll look great with jeans and a hoodie for a casual look.

Another model in this range, the Jazz, is the best-seller of the American firm. If for the Grid we are in something flashy, dynamic, the Saucony Originals Jazz is the white trainer of the brand, chic and everywhere in all circumstances.

A classic model, which was born in 1985, when the SHADOW series was launched. It has become one of the most technologically advanced and popular sneakers in the history of the SAUCONY brand.

The Saucony Jazz model is more sober, in rather dark colours (navy, khaki, black, ...) for the winter period and more cheerful colours (sky blue, white, ...) for the summer period. The Jazz, which is a canvas trainer, is also slimmer, inspired by sports shoe models, close to the foot. They can be worn both in a professional and in a more casual environment. They can be made of leather or nylon combined with suede and are really made for all looks.

The Saucony Azura, a pair of sports trainers originally released in the late 80's, is a performance trainer. Reworked since then, they are made to give a sporty edge to your outfits while ensuring comfort thanks to the EVA technology in the midsole. Made from synthetic micro-suede inserts, ripstop mesh for the tongue or leather and an iconic American triangular outsole structure.

Finally comes the Shadow model, the trainer of Saucony that brings together all the shoes of the Originals range. We will find the thick shoe side of the Grid, with the cushioning coming from the EVA technology put in the midsole and the outsole with triangular structure of the Azura and finally the more sober, more all-purpose colours of the Saucony Jazz, allowing to wear the Shadow all year long!

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