Szade Sustainable and eco-responsible sunglasses

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Szade the sustainable and eco-responsible sunglasses brand

szade has been part of the cityswitch energy efficiency program in since 2017. szade is committed to this initiative and will continue to strive to find better, cleaner, and more sustainable energy sources to power our business.

Szade takes a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that even the most mundane aspects of business are conducted ethically to preserve the planet's resources.

This includes:
Minimizing the use of paper and cardboard through practices such as controlled printing and an active policy of fully reusing cardboard boxes in our warehouses.

Reusing materials wherever possible - this is fully consistent with our unique recycling process and brand philosophy of minimizing material consumption and waste.
Recycling 90% of waste to minimize landfill - including composting organic material for our friends in our on-site worm farm!

Continued our efforts to improve energy efficiency, including the introduction of various automated lighting, heating and cooling systems in our facilities, as well as efficient lighting fixtures.
Recycled paper fromorigine is used in all offices.

SzadeShop Sustainable & Ethical Sunglasses

Throughout the szade experience and the life cycle of our sunglasses, we have made every effort to ensure that plastic has been replaced with paper and cardboard, all of which are 100% recycled and sustainably sourced.

We like to conserve materials and reuse them, which is why even our retail accessories, like branded blocks and nose holders, are all created from recycled aluminum scraps that are the odd pieces that are usually thrown away...can you imagine!

our sunglass cases szade are made to last. we decided that quality and longevity were the most important attributes of our protective cases. they are designed to last and be reused over and over matter what you decide to put in them! there is an online removal option to minimize material usage, and we encourage you to reuse your case for your next pair of szades, and the one after that too!

While we are constantly researching and developing better ways to create sustainable fashion, we also strive to optimize our business for the future and build a resilient, progressive, sustainable and ethical brand.

Szade The Recycling Process

our unique recycling process is not just a capsule collection or something that comes with a *limited edition* sticker; it's part of the dna of szade. every sunglass is designed and created with this process at its core. we continue to research and develop better, cleaner, more efficient and sustainable methods of creation as technology advances.

Discarded, broken, defective and obsolete sunglasses destined for landfill are collected.

The team at szade then breaks the collected sunglasses into thousands of small pieces.

These small pieces are then fed into our "rejuvenation machine szade", where they are polished and turned into pea-sized pellets.

The pellets are colored and heated in our szade molds and begin to look like a brand new pair of recycled sunglasses.

our team szade then hand-assembles and polishes our sunglasses one by one with love; no robots here!

your szades sunglasses are then packed in their cases and are ready to be worn.

our frames are 100% recyclable, which means that together we can reduce our material waste to almost zero. simply remove the lenses and place your frame szade in any domestic or commercial recycling unit.