Superstar Shoes from Adidas Originals

Discover the adidas Superstar shoe collection, the flagship model of the adidas Originals brand. A sneaker available in different colours, materials and sizes. Discover our wide selection of adidas Sneakers at the best price!

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The Superstar shoe, a famous model from Adidas Originals

Designed for basketball in the 1970s, the Superstar has been hijacked from its original design and is worn by hip-hop stars of the 1980s.

The Adidas Superstar shoe is now a streetwear reference for all sneakerheads. Its famous shell-toe guarantees style and protection. Just like on the basketball court back then.

Nowadays, whether at a festival or on the street, your foot is protected. The 3 serrated stripes and the square Adidas Superstar logo add an original touch.

Arguably the most adidas sneaker of all time, the adidas Superstar has lived many lives over the past 50 years. Now it's your turn!

How to wear adidas superstars?

Whether you're a woman or a man, adidas superstar sneakers are particularly trendy this season. The model can be seen on the feet of many influencers, and the trainer is out of stock almost everywhere.

The three-stripes brand has been a real success and this shoe has been in the top 10 of the trendy sneakers for several weeks.

It's a great way for Adidas to make a splash with the Superstar model, just like the return of the stan smith a few seasons ago.

The flagship colour of the superstar is the white with black stripes, the iconic and timeless model that you see everywhere on the street. Whether it's spring/summer or winter, the shoe is a hit. And we love them.

What styles to adopt the cult Adidas sneakers, here are some answers below!

3 ideas for outfits and looks to wear adidas superstar

The adidas superstar is a great way to wear a sneaker.

Chic look

Grey dress trousers + a collarless straight coat or blazer jacket. You can also try this with a white shirt over a navy jumper. This is a chic yet comfortable outfit, a stylish look for going to work or shopping in the department stores.

More casual look

Here's a very popular option, the combination of black skinny jeans and a black knit jumper, paired with a pair of adidas superstar black striped sneakers.

The black silhouette will make your superstar trainers stand out, while also having a reminder of the adidas 3-stripes. British model Jourdan Sherise Dunn often wears this look, so it's a great source of inspiration.

Casual look

If you're a fan of the casual look, you can mix your adidas supertar with a pair of faded blue jeans rolled above your ankles. This trendy hem length offers a relaxed fit, and allows you to highlight your ankles and show off your sneakers.

For an even more rocking spirit, don't hesitate to choose jeans with "destroy" wear marks and add a black leather perfecto. This is a very badass style. It's as easy as pie, isn't it?

A no-fuss, casual look that's easy to wear on a daily basis or at the weekend.

Superstars are sober and timeless enough to match all your favourite outfits. You just have to wear them well!