Affordable Puma Sneakers R78

The Puma R78, available on Sneakin, is a sneaker that celebrates Puma 's rich heritage in the world of running, while offering a contemporary twist suited to modern lifestyles. Inspired by the running shoes of the 70s, the R78 combines retro design charm with today's innovations to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Design inspired by the past

The Puma R78 boasts an archive-inspired silhouette, with an upper composed of a mix of nylon, synthetic suede and mesh materials, offering both lightness, comfort and aesthetics vintage. Varied colors and bold contrasts add a captivating visual dimension, making each pair a fashion statement.

Comfort and lightness

Featuring an EVA midsole, the Puma R78 provides light, responsive cushioning, ideal for everyday wear. This technology guarantees optimum comfort with every step, enabling the sneaker to be worn all day long without compromising on well-being.

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Durability and versatility

With its rugged rubber outsole, the Puma R78 offers excellent grip and durability, ready to take on urban challenges. Its versatility makes it the perfect sneaker for a multitude of occasions, from casual to sporty, easily adapting to divers clothing styles.

Why choose Puma R78?

Choosing the Puma R78 on Sneakin means opting for a sneaker that combines history and modernity. Perfect for vintage fans and those looking for a comfortable shoe with a touch of originality, the R78 is a must-have in any sneakers collection.