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Discover the Puma RS-X shoe collection, the model designed in the 80's that comes back today to offer us this Puma sneaker.

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Puma RS-X, a sneaker revisited from the Puma archives

In the 80's, Puma designed the RS (Running system), which allows the shoes to have a high quality of cushioning. Puma has designed its RS-X sneakers around this technology with sports inspirations but really thought for the everyday.

With the Puma RS, the sports brand has struck a blow. It follows the current trend in sneakers by taking inspiration from vintage models, especially from the 1980s.

The strength of the Puma brand is that it can regularly reinvent itself by offering models from the archives and by innovating. This is once again the case with the very popular Puma RS-X trainers, a true fashion icon today. The reason for this success is clearly the distinctive and aggressive design of the Puma RS-X, and of course its attractive style with the many colours available and the ever so flamboyant look. Sneaker fans are demanding, and Puma has responded to the sneaker addicts by adopting a modern look with a touch of retro running that is so popular today.

RS-X Collection, a popular choice for Puma fans

The new Puma RS-X trainers come straight from the Puma archives. The classic, vintage style of the 80's has been updated with a new silhouette that is in line with the latest trends. The sporty and old school look of the sneakers, combined with the modern and flashy colour combinations make the revival of the model a real success.

The numerous variations of the Puma RS-X make it possible to satisfy the greatest number of people, whether or not they are fans of trendy trainers. Today, Puma fans enjoy wearing retro-running models that combine comfort and modernity. This is the case with the RS-X reinvention, which is a condensation of technology. The comfort of the pair is exceptional, and the quality of the materials used in the upper are of high quality. The RS-X is a very popular model among sneakerheads for all its undeniable advantages.

Puma RS-X trainer, a comfortable and stylish shoe

One of the strong points of the Puma RS-X is the PU midsole. The RS-X features PUMA's polyurethane midsole for a particularly flexible walking comfort combined with a futuristic look - Running System: the new version of PUMA's 80's cushioning system representing a perfect fusion of nostalgia and modern performance.

Inspired by the world of sports, but designed for the street, the RS-X trainer has become one of Puma's flagship models. Today the PUMA RS-X trainer has become very trendy and easily recognisable with the help of the many colours available.

RS (Running System) technology reinvented

In the 80's, Puma dominated the trainer and tennis shoe market with its flagship technology called RS (Running System). At the time,

Puma's RS system offered a very comfortable cushioning compared to competitors such as Nike and adidas. This technology was ahead of its time, it was both innovative and of high quality. It was an immediate success and the history of the model was set to last for decades.

The new version of the Puma RS-X shoes is a more modern version of the German brand's Running System technology. For those new to the world of basketball, the RS technology is located in the midsole of the shoe. This makes the silhouette of the model slightly more voluminous, and therefore more aggressive. The characteristics of a retro trainer, to the delight of sneaker lovers.

For running purists, the RS sole and system allow for improved running performance, thanks to a more fluid and stable stride. The ultimate in comfort for the discerning runner!

This Puma RS-X trainer is for people who refuse to follow the norm. For people who like to push the limits. And for people who break conventions. The RS-X takes RS design to a whole new level. It features impressive materials, bright, old-school video game-inspired colours and mesh upper material. If you are looking for a shoe that redefines the word extreme, then the Puma RS-X is for you.

Puma RS-X, a trainer inspired by the world of toys and television

Puma's designers are very good at creating big hits in the sneaker world. This is obviously the case with the Puma RS-X! Puma designers first launched the Puma RS-0 which offers a retro-futuristic design as it is inspired by the 1987 models. At the end of 2018, the feline brand announced a new silhouette that is perfectly in line with the trend, the Puma RS-X.

What will make this new model popular is that it fits perfectly with the "dad-shoes" trend with its imposing sole. The success also comes from the many partnerships unveiled, and of course the bold colours applied to the model. The most notable alliances are with Hasbro and Hot Wheels. The Puma RS-X Toy shoe creates a nostalgic feeling that will transport you back to a time when a whole generation witnessed the innovation of the sneaker world.

With the Puma RS-X Toys version, the German brand strikes hard and unveils a silhouette inspired by the toys we played with when we were younger. The first two colours were a real success, as they sold out very quickly. Since then, Puma has been playing on this trend and regularly offers new colours.