The Shoes Hypergel from Asics

With the Asics Hypergel trainers, give your feet extreme comfort, whether at the gym, running or just in everyday life. The HyperGEL™ technology is a new type of midsole made to release unlimited energy!

A sneaker available in different colours, materials and sizes. Discover our wide selection of Asics Sneakers at the best price!

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Hypergel by Asics, more than a shoe, a technology

Asics has developed HypergelTM technology, which focuses on the sole of the shoe to make it very soft, capable of absorbing all the shocks associated with physical activity, allowing models equipped with this technology to be versatile and always ensuring perfect quality and comfort.

HyperGEL-LYTE shoe for men

The HyperGEL-LYTE men's shoe is a technical shoe that is ideal for everyday use, thanks to its lightness, which is a modern touch compared to the 1987 GEL-LYTE.

These stylish ASICS Tiger shoes are perfect for everyday use. Enjoy increased comfort thanks to the HyperGEL midsole technology that ensures extra cushioning underfoot.

The attractive mesh upper allows your feet to be ventilated and cooled, while the low cut enhances the elegance and comfort of this men's shoe.

Designed for active men who value style and comfort, these shoes will quickly become the go-to shoe for everyday running. Featuring the iconic design that has made the shoe's history, the HyperGEL-LYTEs are the classic shoe to add to your ASICS Tiger collection.