Back To School Collection

It's time for "Back To School". For this occasion, find a wide selection of backpacks, overclothes, sweatshirts, T-shirts and sneakers for the back to school season. A wide choice allowing you to have your own style and stand out from the first day of school. So would you rather blend in or be the most stylish in the class?

How to dress for back to school?

The month of September is often associated with the end of the school vacations, and marks the return to school.

This year, we're making it easy for you to get back to school, and we've put together a great"Back To School" selection to help you get through the new year.

Whether you're in middle school or high school, it's important to dress well. Going back to school is never easy, that's why we've selected the best Eastpak and Herschel backpacks of the moment.

Selection of Sneakers, Clothes and Accessories "Back To School

Also, it's essential to take care of your outfit and clothes. As you know, the first days of a new school year are very important (especially in senior year). Everyone pays attention to his look, and observes himself ;). For this new school year 2021, find the biggest sportswear and streetwear brands at discounted prices. For a casual, basic and urban look: we have a large selection of pants, jeans, chino, T-shirts, sweaters for boys and girls. If your high school imposes a dress code (white shirt and navy blue pants) or a school uniform, it's okay, you can always dress down for the weekend.

Here again we can give you some tips on how to dress stylishly. And know that sneakers, more commonly called sneakers, are to be worn all year round ;) So leave aside your school supply list, your agenda and your pencils and notebooks. If you are on this page, it's to please yourself at the best price!