Women's shorts : Mini shorts & High waist shorts at the best price

Get ready for the summer heat by adding our lightweight branded bottoms to your wardrobe. Discover a wide selection of women's shorts, women's mini shorts, women's bermuda shorts for exercise and extra sports activities.

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How to choose shorts for women?

That's it! Summer is here and it's time to put the jogging suits and jackets in the closet and bring out the lightest pieces in your wardrobe. Timeless for many years, the shorts have remained a must have in the female summer wardrobe.

But how to wear them and especially how to choose them well. This involves several parameters, including morphology and activities.

Which woman's shorts to choose for sports?

For sports activities, it is advisable to choose classic or minimalist models, made of soft and highly functional fabric to guarantee a constant feeling of freshness and freedom of movement.

Choose those with an elastic belt or at best, with a drawstring for optimal support and maximum concentration.

You can also choose women's shorts or shorties with a close-fitting cut, preferably seamless, to avoid all kinds of friction that can be a source of discomfort and allow great mobility. They should also be breathable and light.

How to wear your women's casual shorts?

For non-sporting activities, we suggest you look for pieces with a more offbeat, urban feel.

For this type of shorts, you can make the choice according to your taste, but it is especially necessary to take into account your morphology to have an adapted look and thus to emphasize your silhouette.

Below are some basic tips that may help:

  • Morphology X and 8: if you have well aligned shoulders and hips, it is better to emphasize your slim waist with belted or laced shorts.
  • Morphology A: if your hips are above the shoulder line, it is important not to draw attention to them. It is therefore necessary to choose a piece with a plain color, without fuss, such as black or blue denim shorts.
  • Morphology O: if you are rather round, opt for high-waisted shorts to stretch the silhouette.
  • Morphology V: if you have a shoulder wider than your pelvis, it is important to attract the eyes on the lower part with models with bangs or with attractive patterns.
  • Morphology H: if your shoulders are proportional to your hips and your waist is not very marked, it is better to play on the folds and the details to gain volume. Lean towards tight-fitting styles, with or without pockets.

The best trendy women shorts are on sneakin

Sports shorts at promotional rates

Take advantage of our clearance sale to get various models of women's sports shorts from textile giants like adidas, Errea, Hummel, etc. Perfect for the practice of all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports, they are designed with quality textile, soft, light and functional so as to keep the lower part of your body cool and dry during the efforts.

In particular, we offer Hummel Sirius women's shorts, Under armour Play up 3.0 women's shorts, Diadora Trofeo women's shorts, Hummel Cima women's shorts, Under Armour Fly-By 2.0 printed women's shorts, Under Armour Launch SW "Go All Day" women's shorts and more, on which we offer discounts of up to 49%.

Cheap shorts and mini-shorts

We also have a wide selection of shorts and mini shorts for the hard working woman. Lighter, more stretchy and with less friction, these models are perfect for intensive practices. They feature a high-performance sweat-wicking system, allowing the lower body to maintain its energy level throughout the workout.

There are several pieces at your disposal if we only mention the Under Armour women's mid-rise shorts, the Under Armour HeatGear women's printed shorts, the Under Armour iso-chill team shorts, the Puma Training essential women's shorts, the Urban Classic cycling shorts and the Under Armour HeatGear girls cycling shorts.

Casual shorts and mini-shorts for everyday use

With solid colors, summer patterns, camouflage or stripes, these trendy shorts and mini-shorts, mostly made of cotton blend, feature sleek designs, perfectly in line with the current fashion theme.

Here are some of the best models of jean shorts, chino shorts and cotton shorts that you can find at the best prices on our online store: Urban Classic inka highwaist women's shorts, Under Armour Links Printed women's shorts, Urban Classic twill hot women's shorts, Urban Classic resort basic women's shorts, Urban Classic resort women's jean shorts, Only Cuba life women's shorts, Only Viva life women's shorts, Puma Pounce women's shorts, and Urban Classic women's shorts with 5 pockets.

Equipped with pockets, they allow you to keep accessories or electronic devices within reach.

Wear them around town or at home with a lightweight top for a stylish summer look.