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Warrior Shanghai the new trendy basketball brand

Warrior Shanghai is a brand of sports shoes, founded in Shanghai in the 1930s. Strong, comfortable and durable, the brand was worn by athletes, politicians, businessmen, rich and poor.

The WB-1 model was extremely popular in the 1970s among basketball players.

The original Chinese basketball shoe, the WB-1 has a classic canvas upper and a grippy vulcanised rubber sole, giving you that competitive edge on the court.

History of the Warrior Shanghai brand

It was in 1927, that a rubber tyre manufacturer, Shanghai Huayi Co, diversified and began manufacturing affordable, quality rubber shoes. Although the Warrior brand, or "Hui Li" in Mandarin, was not officially established and registered until 1935, the classic Warrior shoe was born.

In the 20 years following the birth of the Warrior shoe, radical changes took place in China as communist political ideology took hold of the country. Warrior Footwear (Shanghai) was commissioned by the ruling party to equip athletes in China's national sports programmes, particularly the country's Olympians.

As the brand's reputation grew, sports fans around the world began to snap up the shoes to emulate their sporting heroes. As many fashionable young Chinese began wearing the trainers, the Warriors went from a utilitarian sports shoe to an iconic status symbol that dressed up an entire generation.

The Warrior trainer has always been a humble shoe, the "people's" shoe, resolutely serving those who wore it to use it as they saw fit.

Year after year, the Warrior has continued to equip sports personalities, including a young man from Shanghai, Yao Ming. In 2008, 70 years after its birth, a young designer named Shumeng Ye rediscovered the Warrior trainer. Her photographs and research were published in a beautiful limited edition book called "Book of Warriors", celebrating the history of the brand.

She was responsible for the emergence of the retro trend and the launch of the Warrior revolution. Around the same time, Warrior Footwear was introduced in the US and Australia, where the legendary brand was introduced and adopted by a new generation.

The brand is now coming to France and is expected to be a big hit in the coming months. The first models are arriving at Sneakin, and we will be receiving several new colours in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!