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Discover our selection of Skechers shoes. Fashion and lifestyle trainers with a unique look. No matter what the style or occasion, Skechers shoes are there to accompany you every day.

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Skechers: development through performance

The company was founded in 1932 by Robert and Michael Greenberg in Manhattan, California. California is recognised as the origin of many trends in fashion, particularly in the casual lifestyle. This has fully influenced the American brand in its development. It is one of the last big companies in the market to be born and yet, its development is impressive.

And this impressive development is due to the brand's strategy. Skechers first developed a performance range, which spoke to running purists. Then, a more lifestyle range was developed, always with innovative, technical and above all ultra-comfortable trainers.

Skechers, a brand for the family

Whether you are looking for a pair of running shoes, a pair of sports shoes, a pair of casual trainers, a pair of men's, women's and even children's shoes, a pair of low top trainers, in leather, canvas, nubuck, leather inserts, suede, with laces or without laces, Skechers will have the pair of trainers made for you, wherever you are on the globe thanks to a range of more than 2,500 different references.

Skechers, innovation and performance at the service of athletes

With running shoe models such as the GO run and the latest Flex Appeal Memory Foam, the Californian brand has positioned itself as a reference in running shoes. The shoes of the performance range are made with an ergonomic insert. Skechers uses this technique because it meets the technical and performance requirements of the American brand for its customers.

This technique allows consumers to have an unparalleled wearing sensation, all with a support and a trendy design, specific to the brand. While the other sports shoes, not part of this performance range, will still be thought for the consumer, its support, its comfort but with a different design technique. For this range, the Californian company will favour the assembly of uppers of different heights.

Skechers, lifestyle as a development axis

For several years the Californian brand has been developing in the lifestyle sector. A sector that is really expanding and to which all sports brands are turning, attracted by the growing consumer demand for textiles, sneakers, shoes and trainers that fit in with their lifestyle.

It is in this sense that Skechers, seeks to respond to the best of the brand's followers by offering them technical, innovative and comfortable trainers that can be worn in all circumstances.

It is in this spirit that we find the D'Lites sneaker range. The D'Lites is a women's shoe with a thick outsole and a modern design. Whether it's a high or low top, with or without a lining, you can have a D'Lites for every season.

In order to have a D'Lites for every season, Skechers had to think of different materials to design these models.

For the lightweight, summery D'Lites, they will be made from mesh, soft suede, trubuck leather and smooth leather uppers as well as stitching overlays. The laces are round, reminding the sporty side of the shoe.

The outsole will be made of thick rubber while the insole will be made of memory foam for an ultra-comfortable look for your daily life!

For the colder, rainy seasons Skechers has thought to revise its range by making it high top, with a lined interior (with faux fur) to ensure extra warmth.

The outside of the shoe is made of a soft mottled jersey material, with smooth synthetic uppers and flat laces that blend in better with the boot.

As for the soles, the outside is like the low top sneaker model, made of rubber and the inside will be made of memory foam to ensure the ultra-comfortable side of Skechers. The inner sole is made of memory foam to ensure the ultra-comfort of the Skechers, which is also made to follow you throughout your daily life.

Another sneaker model is the Timeless Vision. The Timeless Vision is definitely a model made for summer. It has been designed with light materials, stitching and soft leather on a rubber sole. Of course there is the memory insole. The laces are round, giving the trainer a retro-running style.

The Stamia are the all-terrain sneakers from Skechers. They are light, durable and very comfortable. A sporty style that is evident in the design. The American company has used sporty suede, synthetic and mesh uppers as the main materials. The round laces, as on the other models, recall and reinforce the image of a pair of sports shoes. And of course, the memory sole is still present on this model.

Finally the Zenway, a model with a rather classic design but with the same level of comfort as the other ranges of the brand thanks to the memory foam midsole. Made of smooth leather, soft suede and mesh, they are very light to wear.

All models are made for women and men. But Skechers has not stopped with just a few sneaker models, for men we will find more casual shoes like the Raymon, Westside or Selmen. And for women looking for casual shoes, the Californian brand has also thought of you with the modern jogger, caviar dream and the be-lux.

As you can see, Skechers is ready to meet all consumer demands. The brand has put together a very large catalogue of references that can meet everyone's desires. And at Sneakin, we offer you our selection of Skechers sneakers, available in several sizes and at the best price!