Hummel shoes for men

Discover our selection of Hummel shoes. Fashion and lifestyle trainers with a timeless look. Whatever the style or occasion, Hummel trainers are there to accompany you every day. The most popular models of the Hummel brand are : Marathona, Slimmer stadil, Edmonton. This year again, the Hummel brand is in the spotlight through Mister V!

The sneakers are available in different colours, materials and sizes. Discover our wide selection of Hummel sneakers at the best price!

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Hummel Sneakers and Trendy Sneakers
Hummel sneakers are known for being comfortable trainers, and very easy to wear every day thanks to their unique style. If you are looking for a trendy trainer, you are in the right place. At you will find a wide selection of Hummel sneakers for the whole family: men, women and juniors. Currently available in our online shop are over a hundred lifestyle trainers.

There is something for every taste and desire. Hummel trainers are available in different styles and many different colours. Be inspired by the classic Hummel models, or by the more original novelties. Hummel's high top trainers are very successful in terms of design and offer unparalleled comfort.

The retro style of Hummel trainers
Like most sportswear manufacturers, Hummel's designers look to the archives of their models for inspiration. And there's plenty to go around with the many references from past collections.

One example is the Old School trainers, which were very popular with the hip-hop generation and the street casual style of the 80s and 90s.

Every season, Hummel trainers offer a wide range of retro styles with an updated and modern look. One of the best examples is the white trainers, or the leather and suede high top shoes. These trainers are very popular with handball players.

Examples are the Hummel Ten Star High Canvas or the Hummel Slimmer Stadil. The simple, uncluttered and even minimalist look of these sneakers appeals to both amateur and professional athletes. These models are made of materials such as leather, nylon or suede and are both comfortable and stylish. Recognizable by all with the emblematic chevrons of the brand hummel.

New Hummel sneaker collection, stunning and urban
The Hummel brand is well known by sneaker addicts. The hummel HIVE collection includes a selection of limited edition trainers and trainers, as well as models from collaborations between hummel and various sneaker shops such as Mita, Afew Store, Hanon and the Parisian agency Blackrainbow.

The hummel HIVE project offers models with classic retro silhouettes but with a strong hummel DNA to bring iconic styles back into fashion. Trainer enthusiasts follow the Scandinavian brand with interest. Not long ago, the brand unveiled the "History" pack inspired by old Hummel catalogues from the 1970s. A time when mules, colourful tracksuits and handball shoes were very present in the dress code. In terms of footwear, the following iconic models could be found: the Marathona OG and the HB Team.

HUMMEL HIVE honours the brand's heritage. With a passion for sports, underground cultures and outsiders!

Hummel Slimmer Stadil shoes, an iconic model
The Stadil is one of the brand's classics and is certainly the most popular pair.

This legendary trainer is loved by adults and children alike. Every season, this model is revisited with a new design and new colours. This year again, the pair is a great success, whether it is the ankle-high or the low-cut sneaker.

The version with velcro is the favourite of children and juniors. The Stadil retains the same character and comfort as before. By choosing this sneaker you are sure to have a vintage look from the 70's and 80's, but at the same time a modern touch that makes your trainers unique and trendy.

Hummel: quality shoes for all boys and girls
All Hummel shoe models have three main product priorities: functionality, comfort and durability. Parents looking for a functional and comfortable shoe for their child often turn to the Scandinavian brand.

The trainers are of high quality and are distinguished by a sporty, clean design. Everyone appreciates the functional details, such as Velcro fastenings and a side zip opening so that your child can easily remove the shoes themselves.

The hummel trainers for boys and girls are also equipped with a comfortable faux fur lining. Ideal for the winter season. A final important detail is that the children's trainers have an oiled leather upper that is naturally rain and splash resistant.

As with adults, the best-selling models for children and juniors are the stadil high or low, and the timeless Marathona pair.