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Sneakers HOFF, the ultra-trendy sneaker brand

Founded in Espagne in 2016, HOFF was created to blur the line between quality, amazing designs and truly fair prices.

We were born as a fashion brand that relies on authenticity as a core value. HOFF is mondial by global by nature and creative by design. The way we express it

We express it by taking inspiration from iconic places around the world to create unique designs made with soul, creating versatile products to wear from the office to the nightclub.

Our philosophy is to live an authentic life by taking the road less traveled. by taking the road less traveled, discovering yourself in the process.

Here are the season's designs:

City: We take inspiration from amazing cities around the world, making each sneaker unique. But we also design them to fit the urban territory and, most importantly, your lifestyle.

Other trendy models: District - Art - Tribe - Skyline

HOFF ethical and eco-responsible sneakers

The footwear brand HOFF works with suppliers certified by the Leather Group. This organization guarantees that the leather has been tanned according to more sustainable practices, such as the use of renewable energy and technologies that reduce water consumption.

The environmental benefits are

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced emissions

HOFF the footwear brand inspired by a destination

The journey is the destination; getting there is not as important as the travel experience. It's a quest for freedom and adventure that takes place on the other side of the world.

Presenting a range of both classic and contemporary styles, to help people around the world get from A to B without having to worry about the quality of their clothes. becoming synonymous with style and elegance.