Buffalo London Women's Shoes

Rediscover the fashion of the nineties through our brand new Buffalo sneakers, faithful to the old models. If you are a nostalgic or a lover of the 90's look, you are in the right place. Sneakin offers you a wide selection of high quality women's Buffalo sneakers at low prices

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A great comeback after a great success in the nineties

Back on a retro pair that was all the rage in the 90s. Made famous by the fact that they were associated with girl bands and other pop stars of the time, these shoes with their imposing soles have come back in force for a few seasons and do not leave our friends indifferent to fashion. Born in Germany in 1995, the Buffalo Classics are sneakers with an innovative design, which are not unanimously appreciated by the general public, but very appreciated by the followers of new trends and fans of pop music of the time. They are very quickly adopted by the latter thanks to a strong visibility and an image conveyed by the stars, including Emma Bunton who wore almost regularly, on stage and off.

Which model should you choose for your first pair of Buffalo?

We have several pieces at our disposal, however, for those who are new to these iconic pairs from the 90s, we recommend those with thinner soles. Models like the Buffalo Classic Low women's shoes.

Offering a 100% trendy and lifestyle look, these white lace-up shoes feature wedge soles and a low top. Crafted from soft materials, the soles provide excellent cushioning for a comfortable feel at all times. At 6 cm high, these lightweight platform sneakers promise easy wear, even for extended periods.

And cherry on the cake, in addition to its elegance and comfort, we offer a 30% discount on its initial price. Also fall for the Buffalo London Texas Oil women's shoes, Buffalo Cld Chai Grey lmi Nubuck women's shoes, Buffalo Eléonore women's shoes or the Buffalo London 1337-14 women's shoes with leopard skin pattern.

Featuring 5-hole lacing, these have great support and excellent ventilation. The 6 cm heels with padding offer both stability and better shock absorption for absolute wearing comfort.

How to wear a pair of Buffalo sneakers?

It's not easy to match these massive sneakers with everyday clothes. Their imposing size and eccentric design require outfits that match them. We take you on a journey to discover how to style your clothes with these iconic nineties sneakers.

 You'll have to wear retro clothes, faithful to the 90's look to bring out the elegance of these platform sneakers. Opt for high-waisted skirts, denim pants, sweater dresses, oversized jackets and coats for a 100% streetwear and lifestyle look.

But you can always pair them with more streamlined designs for a little more class.

Buffalo London high quality shoes

But how did these so-called ugly shoes become so popular? The reason for this success is the quality and ease of wear they offer. Indeed, despite the fact that they are very high compared to standard sneakers, they are not less stable and heavier.

The designers took great care in choosing lightweight materials to concoct these sneakers that have become iconic for a whole generation. In addition, they are made for the most part with high quality leather, guaranteeing excellent resistance to wear and tear and an optimal lifespan.

For lovers of these extravagant pairs, we especially suggest the Buffalo Leather women's shoes, a Rising Towers with touches as crazy as they are stylish. Lightweight, durable and long-lasting, they're made from premium leather with pony hair inserts and a suede upper. The padded collar and lace-up lacing provide a secure fit for maximum comfort and stability.

The soft sole, 10 cm high, provides excellent cushioning for all-day wear. Also fall for fairly similar pieces like the Buffalo Rising Towers high leather women's shoes, Buffalo Rising Towers super high women's shoes, Buffalo Rising Towers high soft leather women's shoes and Buffalo Rising Towers low leather women's shoes.

Buffalo shoes on sale - Good deals are at sneakin

Specialists in the sale of sneakers of all kinds, sneakin has selected the best models of these iconic shoes of the 90s to provide you with the best prices.

And to top it all off, we offer a fast processing and delivery service so that you can have your sneakers at home as soon as possible.