Clae Minimalist, unisex and timeless sneakers

The Sneakers brand Clae is now available on Sneakin ! Discover the latest models available on this page, including the very trendy Bradley, Malone, Joshua, Deane. Did you know that the brand Clae proposes a collection of Vegan sneakers !

The sneakers are available in different colors, materials and sizes. Discover our large selection of shoes Clae at the best price!

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The sneakers Clae, minimalist models for men and women

Born in 2001 at Los Angeles, the brand Clae offers ethical sneakers with pure and artisanal lines. With its different colors and materials, Clae sneakers offer timeless silhouettes while limiting the ecological footprint. Their refined style and design make Clae sneakers mixed above all. Available in a variety of colors, Clae Bradley's signature pair has already won over many fashion lovers. The Sneaker Clae Malone, meanwhile, defends itself by offering a casual trendy look very popular with men and also women.

Sneakers Clae: high quality and durable materials

Clae offers timeless shoes designed with organic, recycled and innovative materials. The brand offers high quality minimalist sneakers, carefully handcrafted in their artisanal workshop located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thanks to this design, Clae sneakers promise a strong resistance.

ClaeA vegan and eco-responsible sneaker brand

Committed to offering a vegan version of its products, Clae offers a third of its collection containing no animal componentsorigine. Whether you are looking for a vegan woman's sneaker or a vegan man's sneaker, there is bound to be a model to please you! Other sneakers are made of premium leathers, which meet their ecological and social commitments.

Every season, the sneaker brand Clae innovates to offer a responsible and reasoned fashion. Did you know that? The leathers come from certified tanneries recognized for their ethical production. Still in this eco-responsible approach, the shoe brand clae offers recycled cardboard packaging.

Les Baskets Clae is now a reference in the sneaker market. So don't wait any longer, and buy your pair on