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FREEGUN the reference brand of fancy underwear in France

FREEGUN is a famous French textile brand launched in 2007 and then in 2010, it became the first French company to produce fancy underwear. It is a brand specialised in the field of underwear and has become known for its original and fancy underwear. Although the French brand offers other products than streetwear underwear, its flagship products are obviously the famous coloured boxers and its fancy briefs.

FREEGUN has also focused on targeting teenagers, a young, dynamic audience that is not afraid to break codes. The philosophy of the Montélimar-based company was initially to replace wardrobes filled with boxers and classic underwear in banal colours with wardrobes with personality, fantasy and above all bright colours that give us good moods and good vibes in the morning!

A multitude of designs, collaborations and new items make it one of the most creative, imaginative and attractive textile brands, especially for young people. The meaning of the brand's name, "FREEGUN", represents this well, as the translation for the brand is "Weapon of Massive Expression", the boxer being the weapon and the various visuals and patterns the ammunition.

An expanding brand that has developed and diversified

As explained above, FREEGUN is known for its fun and original boxer shorts, but in addition to underwear, it started to diversify its products in the 2010s. The company first started offering quality caps and swimwear, which are fashionable accessories for a dressing room.

Later, FREEGUN took advantage of its fame and recognition to collaborate with French companies to manufacture other products such as shoes, beach accessories and school supplies. Today, FREEGUN products can be found in the country's largest shopping centres alongside the biggest retailers.

FREEGUN, a true state of mind with strong values

The fancy underwear brand has a world of its own with its own motto: "NEVER STOP" or "ALWAYS FORWARD". This motto translates well the values of the company since it wants to have a universe that speaks to free spirits, to open-minded, unconventional and passionate people. It is therefore a brand of underwear accessible to all that carries a motivational message that can be applied by all, i.e., to go forward without regrets, to dare and to throw oneself into the things that drive us.

Moreover, FREEGUN is a brand that has a strong influence in the world of urban sports and therefore in the "freestyle" sports disciplines. A first for a company specialising in the manufacture of underwear. Taking this to its logical conclusion, the brand has created a range of sportswear underwear, a range of Aktiv' boxers for sportsmen. The boxers in this collection are adapted to the movements and physical efforts and therefore total comfort is guaranteed. The brand also provides real support in terms of visibility and sponsors a number of athletes and events that are in line with its values.

FREEGUN is a committed brand, fighting for the environment through, among other things, new collections of eco-friendly underwear for men, women and children. There are two new ranges, one in organic cotton and another in recycled polyester, and all in packaging that is also designed for sustainable development. Products, tools and working methods are also adapted to social and environmental issues.

FREEGUN underwear collection for all tastes

The brand has built its reputation on boxers and fancy briefs, each one crazier and more original than the last, for an ever cooler and trendier look. These ranges of fun and crazy streetwear boxers are developed with brands and licences that are pop culture references. You are bound to find references from your childhood or even from your current show. Modern and classic, the underwear models appeal to young and old alike.

FREEGUN offers collections in collaboration with Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, Disney, Pokemon, the Looney Tunes or the Rabbids, enough to make your child fall in love!
The brand specialising in underwear also offers a range of more sober boxer shorts with plain models, but always with FREEGUN's own touch.